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  • Daniel Humm: The secret of his three-star vegan cuisine

    Three Michelin stars for vegan cuisine: Daniel Humm proved that this is possible in 2022 with his Eleven Madison Park. But how? And what does a school psychologist have to do with this?

  • The world’s loneliest restaurants – It doesn’t get any lonelier than that!

    Right on the Arctic Circle? On a glacier somewhere? Or in the heart of the jungle? In the most unusual places, extraordinary restaurants attract visitors with very special offerings. We’ve looked at the most spectacular remote restaurants.

  • Vincent Crepel: “My cuisine should send people on a journey.”

    In Terre restaurant in Cork, Vincent Crepel has been awarded a star with French technique, Asian flavors and Irish ease.

  • Chef Gordon Ramsay: The good, the bad and the star

    Gordon Ramsay is one of the few star chefs who have been successful for decades. And this in spite of ongoing, major criticism of his behavior. Why do people really love this "bad boy" among chefs so much?

  • Alex Atala: Brazil’s Jungle Messiah

    Alex Atala is the master of Brazilian gastronomy. Like no other, he has linked it with the issues of sustainability, human rights and biodiversity – and given his country back a culinary culture that is now known throughout the world. How...

  • Esben Holmboe Gang from Maaemo: Norway’s quiet culinary king

    With his restaurant Maaemo, Esben Holmboe Gang has revolutionized Norway’s gastronomy and is bringing New Nordic Cuisine to the world. Here's why the quiet Dane still doesn't care much about being in the limelight – and needs limitations to be really...

  • Slowing down with (restaurant interior) design

    At Ukiyo in Munich, both body and mind can find peace thanks to the unique interior concept.

  • Ebru Baybara Demir – Changing lives through gastronomy

    Earlier this year Turkish chef Ebru Baybara Demir was named as the recipient of the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize for her social and community-based work in her country.

  • The culinary giant from the Basque Country: Martín Berasategui

    Martín Berasategui has been shaping Spain’s rise to a culinary world power for almost 50 years – and is breaking all records among Spain’s top chefs. Why he's nowhere near done – and why the youth today is the best culinary...

  • David Muñoz: Against all rules

    David Muñoz, chef at the DiverXO restaurant in Madrid, is the most unfettered chef in the world – and is currently being rediscovered by gourmets and fellow chefs. What makes him more fascinating than ever – and why he still can't...

  • Radically Local – how Tomas Lidakevicius cooks at Turnips

    Seasonal and particularly local – that’s the motto of chef Tomas Lidakevicius at Turnips. After all, he only cooks with ingredients from London's Borough Market. KTCHNrebel spoke with the chef about vegetables, micro-seasonality, inspiration and sustainability.

  • Giuseppe Parisi: a culinary journey through Italy in the heart of London

    For, Giuseppe Parisi, food was “at the heart” of his Italian childhood. The same sentiment rings true of his career. He has brought this love to his new role as executive chef of the Al Mare at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah...

  • Mélanie Serre – Chef with character

    Hardly anyone celebrates and presents food as skilfully and deliciously as Mélanie Serre. At Elsa restaurant in Monte-Carlo Beach, the young French woman relies on organic vegetables from her own garden along with products from the Mediterranean region. The rising star...

  • Forough Vakili – a tasty bite at Le Bon Nosh

    At Le Bon Nosh in Atlanta, Georgia, Forough Vakili focuses on local and seasonal produce. The Iranian-born chemical engineer tells KTCHNrebel how she discovered her love for the art of cooking and about her favorite ingredients.

  • Iker Erauzkin’s Uma – “Forked” in Barcelona

    For guests at Uma in Barcelona, a very special gastronomic experience awaits. You see, chef Iker Erauzkin doesn't simply cook: his whole intention is to transform ingredients into wonderful, sensory experiences. KTCHNrebel spoke to the Basque chef about signature dishes, vegetables...

  • Dom Fernando’s restaurant Paradise in London: The new Sri Lankan cuisine

    Dom Fernando’s London restaurant Paradise is redefining Sri Lankan cuisine. Why this is pretty brutal – and why his training as an accountant was fortunately just the start of something much more enjoyable.

  • Five young chefs you should know about

    The world of gastronomy has never been more colorful than it is today. Despite all the adversity of the last few years, there are still creative, bold and above all young chefs who are not afraid of precarious economic conditions because...

  • Salam Dakkak – becoming the best female chef in the Middle East and North Africa with Levantine home cooking

    In 2023, Salam Dakkak was named the best female chef in the Middle East and North Africa. Her recipe for success at Bait Maryam is authentic Levantine dishes from the eastern Mediterranean and her warm hospitality.

  • Simon Rogan: A Brit cooks his way to the stars

    He already had two stars; in 2022, Michelin testers honored British chef Simon Rogan with the third for his restaurant L'Enclume, established in 2002, where he presents British cuisine at its best. Wait a minute? British cuisine? That's right, and Simon...

  • Carlos Gaytán: from dish washer to (Michelin) star

    Carlos Gaytán made gastronomic history as the first Mexican chef ever awarded a Michelin star. Today, he is considered the most important ambassador for Mexican cuisine. How did this exceptional talent work his way up from the very bottom to the...

  • At home as a woman in top gastronomy: world-class chef Haya Molcho shows how it’s done!

    Haya Molcho embodies everything good food stands for: Enjoyment and taste, colors, art, warmth, joy, togetherness. Family. The job changer took the male world of gastronomy by storm and paved the way for a young generation of female chefs. KTCHNrebel met...

  • Nadine Wächter-Moreno: The creative Swiss chef

    She learned her trade in Lucerne and then worked as a chef in Mexico, Australia and the USA. Today, Nadine Wächter-Moreno is the first female head chef at Andaz Singapore. KTCHNrebel spoke to the Swiss native about her career, motivation and...

  • Tala Bashmi: Next-level oriental cuisine

    Everyone loves it, the cuisine like in 1001 nights. It is colorful and cheerful, spicy and imaginative, diverse and delicious and best shared in joyful company. But whether Levant or Arabic, Persian or Moroccan, as refined as these cuisines are, they...

  • Rodolfo Guzmán: local hero

    The Chilean chef has had an arduous journey, but today he finds himself among the world’s best chefs. He tells Tina Nielsen it was all worth it.

  • These are four inspiring foodservice influencers of LinkedIn

    Combining the personal and the commercial, social influencers have become a powerful marketing tool. Five foodservice influencers are leveraging LinkedIn to reach new audiences.

  • She cooks sustainably – with success: Heidi Bjerkan

    With award-winning Norwegian chef Heidi Bjerkan, food and farmers come in first. Although she keeps her own cooking unassumingly in the background, you can taste her passion for quality, well-produced food in every dish. With her restaurant network, she practices sustainable...

  • TiNDLE – changing minds with vegan chicken

    Borna Bayat, vice president of European marketing for TiNDLE, speaks with Tina Nielsen about the evolution of the plant-based vegan chicken alternative.

  • Here’s why Manoella “Manu” Buffara is Latin America’s best chef.

    Champion of a better environment, supporter of urban gardening: Manu Buffara has created her own network of local producers. KTCHNrebel spoke to the Brazilian about the Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2022 Award, her goals and cooking style as well as...

  • Young and famous Chef Pierluigi Saffioti: Twice the success thanks to social media

    Italian cooking star Pierluigi Saffioti is the best example of how you can have fun at work and still excel at what you do. At just 29, he has already worked in ten establishments between Italy and Australia, where he impressed...

  • J. Gamboa – gastronomy is a family affair for him

    Filipino chef J. Gamboa has raised the gastronomy of his home country to international level – with great skill, tireless hard work and a lot of passion!

  • Tora Olsson: turning vegan food into an art and experience

    She is an Instagram pro, a food designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy and a Master’s degree in Food & Meal Science. Under the ToraFloraFood label, Flora Olsson creates vegan menus, trains chefs and organizes experience dining. Now the Swede...

  • Baker and influencer out of passion – Osvaldo Gross

    KTCHNrebel wanted to meet Osvaldo Gross, an Argentinian pastry chef, to talk with him about the secrets of his baking skills and his work as a teacher. But things initially took a different turn, because as it turns out, the friendly,...

  • BettaF!sh: The tuna fish rescuers

    He likes seaweed. Back when he was still studying resource management, Jacob von Manteuffel made a documentary about marine algae pioneers who were exploring cultivation and breeding options in Europe and Asia for environmentally friendly marine plants that do not need...

  • From nose to tail: That is why an increasing number of chefs are embracing breeding

    Whether cattle, water buffalo, mangalitza pigs or poultry, many chefs are now breeding animals themselves. The motto here is from nose to tail. KTCHNrebel spoke to top chefs from Switzerland, Germany and France. A glimpse into a cooking philosophy beyond factory...

  • These are the 20 Best Chefs of Instagram 2022

    Instagram includes posts on almost every topic. The network is now also a treasure trove of culinary content. Whether you are an amateur chef or a Michelin-starred professional, there are countless insights behind the scenes, delicious recipes and a wealth of...

  • Karime Lopez – Why the future of gastronomy should be more female

    From zero to one hundred on her own accord – becoming the highly decorated head chef at Massimo Bottura's Gucci Osteria. Right now, no success story is more spectacular than that of the Mexican female chef Karime Lopez. But what's behind...

  • Operator focus: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

    Cameron Mitchell Restaurants – started at a kitchen table in Columbus, Ohio – is thriving thanks to its founder’s gift for developing winning restaurant concepts and a company-wide commitment to recruiting and retaining top hospitality talent.

  • Eric Vildgaard: Great plates instead of terror.

    Eric Vildgaard's story reads like the premise for an action-packed Hollywood sensation. That this former thug and drug dealer turned into one of the best chefs in Europe has everything to do with respect, precision and discipline – not to mention...

  • Rasmus Kofoed: vegan to the gastro Olympus?

    Rasmus Kofoed runs half marathons, has won the prestigious French Bocuse d'Or as a Dane, cooks his way to second place on the 50 Best list and is now suddenly going vegan with his restaurant Angelika. Perhaps it's because he has...

  • Fermentation pro David Zilber: Bacteria on the stove!

    Nobody can do more with bacteria than he does. David Zilber is the poster child for the global fermentation hype. Why he abandoned his own research laboratory at the best restaurant in the world – and how he wants to save...

  • Over a mug of beer…

    For more than 20 years, Michael Möller has been in charge of the legendary Hofbräu in Munich. Over a mug of beer, the passionate restaurateur talks about the ambitious franchise concept, the immense expectations and what the Free State of Bavaria...

  • No Limits – for vegan TV chef Matt Pritchard

    A life without borders: Skateboarder, stuntman and vegan TV chef. Matt Pritchard makes a appeal to the industry: "Get more interested in the plant-based lifestyle, because it's the future!"

  • Meet eight self-made foodservice millionaires

    Success in the restaurant business is notoriously challenging, but that’s not to say that it’s out of reach. These eight entrepreneurs have turned their passion – and our appetites – into some of the world’s most successful foodservice businesses. Here’s what...

  • Hans Neuner: The king of the sea

    Portugal’s star chef Hans Neuner needs an adventure for the soul and the sea air to breathe. To find this, the Tyrolean-born chef traveled from Ghana to Goa – and has brought more than just his new menu back from ...

  • Salt & Silver: The secret of their gastronomic success

    Surfing mega-waves with a finger in every pot – the guys at Salt & Silver refuse to be categorized, and they’re leaving the Hamburg culinary scene breathless. KTCHNrebel asked them about the secret of their gastronomic success.

  • Happy Ocean Foods: The Ocean Rescuers

    Everyone is talking about meat substitutes, but what about fish substitutes? This is actually a no-brainer, since overfishing of the world's oceans has long been an issue. At least that is what Julian Hallet thinks. He is a co-founder of Happy...

  • Wild, honest, strong: Exceptional chef Lucki Maurer and a respect for life

    Exceptional chef Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer fought his greatest battle at the beginning of his 20s. The adversary: Lymphoma, inoperable. The prognosis: bad. An item on the bucket list that got this young man through his agonizing chemo: To become celebrity chef...

  • Vitus Winkler and his gourmet restaurant Kräuterreich: Cheerful summit for the palate

    In Salzburgerland, four-toque chef Vitus Winkler delights guests from all over the world with his subtle Alpine cuisine. He prefers to start his day collecting herbs in nature. KTCHNrebel met up with this likable man in his mid-thirties for a chat.

  • Magical moments for the palate – a Mexican in Barcelona

    Ever since he cooked his way to a star at Albert Adrià’s Hoja Santa restaurant in Barcelona, Paco Méndez has been an ambassador for Mexican cuisine in Spain. Then Hoja Santa fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic – together with every...

  • Legend of the Italian top gastronomy – Nadia Santini

    As the first woman to win a coveted three Michelin stars in truly cuisine-crazed Italy, Nadia Santini has been making gourmet history for nearly three decades. How the Italian became the official best chef in the world without any formal...

  • Heinz Reitbauer: Digitization and sustainability – a win-win for Michelin-starred cuisine

    At the Viennese gourmet restaurant Steirereck, Heinz Reitbauer celebrates traditional regional products. But when it comes to modern software, the Michelin-starred chef also pulls out all the stops. The friendly Austrian took time for an exclusive interview with KTCHNrebel.

  • Korean temple cuisine – a gastronomy concept with promise

    It is one of the delicate culinary arts that blooms in secret: Korean temple cuisine. However, this gastronomy concept is far from being a wall flower – on the contrary!

  • Double game – twins take the stars from the gastronomic heavens to Moscow

    With two Michelin stars and one Green Star, Russian brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy's innovative Twins Garden gastronomic concept, which is housed in a light-filled location high above the rooftops of Moscow, is a resounding success. KTCHNrebel met up with the...

  • Star chef Antonia Klugmann: The dream catcher

    Antonia Klugmann is one of Italy’s most promising chefs. Why she was declared utterly mad twice in her life and how a tragic car accident turned her into a restaurateur.

  • Working with what’s there – sustainability in its extreme form

    The Faroe Islands are known for their striking, rough ocean scenery and treeless, barren landscape. Not the right place for star gastronomy – or is it?

  • Cook the world well – how a star chef works for a better life on this planet

    The camaraderie in the restaurant kitchen is reminiscent of a pirate ship – and that’s why Jessica Rosval became a chef in the first place. Today, she is very enthusiastic about Massimo Bottura in the kitchen, is considered Italy’s best chef...

  • Choice supermarkets: The reinvention of the c-store

    When Mike Forgaty opened his first convenience store in Denver, Colorado a few years ago, it was a very brave move. Although he had many years of experience in the food industry, he had never done anything with retail before. However,...

  • Back to the roots

    At Copenhagen's high-end restaurant AMASS, Californian Matt Orlando is bringing his vision of sustainability to life by making the most of leftovers culinary-wise. His hippie parents are partly responsible for this.

  • Sustainable gastronomy – an example from practice

    Truly practicing sustainability in the gastronomy industry is a major challenge, because of the many and diverse ecological, social and economic aspects:

  • Hip hops: the craft beer boom in profile

    Gareth Davies and Yohanna Best use hydroponics to grow hops indoors at Dark Farm.

  • Double comeback of the giants: Alain Ducasse and Albert Adrià open a restaurant together

    Two superstars are combining their powers. Michelin-starred chefs Alain Ducasse and Albert Adrià have announced their plans to open a restaurant together at the end of this year. Here's how this spectacular joint venture came about.

  • Davide Caranchini: championing sustainability

    Italian chef Davide Caranchini talked about his modern approach to sustainable cooking at his Lake Como restaurant Materia during a presentation at Madrid Fusión earlier this year. Tina Nielsen spoke to him at the event

  • The scoop on Snoop

    In celebration of National Black Business Month in the US, KTCHNrebel profiles restauranteur, inspirational business mogul and self-confessed all-round “hustler” Mychel ‘Snoop’ Dillard.

  • Shrimp from the mountains

    In the heart of Austria, they have recently started breeding the best and rarest of shrimp. Initially, the concept was based primarily on the desire to make good use of the wood gas power plant's waste heat. Today, it is...

  • Mitsuharu Tsumura ’s path to the top through Nikkei cuisine

    Peru and Japan are separated by more than 9,000 miles and one ocean, but physical distance and cultural differences don’t matter at Maido in Lima. Mitsuharu Tsumura melds Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions, creating what’s known as Nikkei cuisine.

  • The Maestro on a Mission

    Massimo Bottura is the most colorful star in the international fine dining sky - and these days, he’s expanding his horizons even further. In this exclusive interview, the art-obsessed culinary poet reveals how he battled through the crisis, and explains how...

  • It’s a smell world

    Originally, Sissel Tolaas wanted to be an astronaut, but then she decided to explore the infinite cosmos of smells instead. Born in Norway in 1959, Tolaas studied mathematics, chemistry, linguistics and fine arts in just seven years at universities in Oslo,...

  • Seven foodservice start-ups to watch

    Innovation in foodservice remains undimmed, despite a challenging year. We pick seven of the most exciting start-ups to keep an eye on in the future.

  • “If you can’t beat them, eat them.”

    Bouillabaisse made from Chinese mitten crab, venison from Nile goose, goulash from nutria: Why not restore the ecological balance by becoming a predator of invasive species?

  • Samba di São Paulo

    With his carnivalesque menu selections, Brazilian Ivan Ralston brings São Paulo's unique multiculturalism to the plate. Find out why he berated the Michelin Guide over the phone and the story behind his jazz studies.

  • Margot Henderson – Mother of food

    She swam with horses in the Hutt river, fell in love with Fergus Henderson, and opened Rochelle Canteen in an old bike shed. There, the one and only Margot Henderson has created a new home for classical british cuisine.

  • Spot: León

    Pía León was the first woman in the kitchen at Central. At the time, everyone expected a honeymoon and maternity leave. But today things look differently, considering she was named Latin America’s best Female Chef 2018 and runs her very own...

  • Swiss high-flyer waiting for Salzburg Airport

    Awarded three Michelin stars and 19 Gault&Millau points, international top chef Andreas Caminada has been on an unprecedented rise for many years. In December, the Swiss chef was supposed to present his IGNIV restaurants in Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport, where...

  • Inua vs Corona: How the Japanese Noma fights the virus

    Copenhagen's Noma is considered one of the best restaurants in the world. René Redzepi's radical focus on only using local products, creating purism on the plate and a casual to hospitality – all this has inspired many young chefs around the...

  • Lots new in the North

    For many centuries, surviving a long Nordic winter in Finland was something you had to be prepared for – those who did not take proper precautions were in for it. Collecting, drying, pickling, salting and fermenting were therefore an essential part...

  • British chef Ben Tish on his most personal project yet

    On the back of the successful opening of his most recent restaurant, Norma in central London, Ben Tish is keeping very busy indeed.

  • Eduard Xatruch: pushing the limits of the imaginable

    Just sit back and let the adventure come to you - an evening at Eduard Xatruch’s restaurant is like a trip to the movies, minus the stale popcorn.

  • Bring it on home

    After a career that has taken him around the world, chef Jonathan Gushue has settled on a remote island close to his birthplace. He tells us about the journey.

  • Chefs of the Decade

    The Giants: These ten exceptional chefs revolutionized the culinary decade with thier brilliant creations, innovative techniques, and groundbreaking concepts.

  • Selim Varol: A gastro career-changer with a weakness for urban art

    Street art meets street food: Since 2013, What’s Beef has been conquering the hearts of urban burger lovers across Germany. Selim Varol imports American big-city atmosphere to the country, combining it with the best ingredients from around the region. His recipe...

  • Professional kitchens are getting smarter.

    Digitization, networking, artificial intelligence - everyone’s talking about them, and now they’re becoming a top priority in professional kitchens around the world. And that includes Rational, the Landsberg-based manufacturers specializing in thermic food preparation appliances and equipment.

  • Hilton Prague – Latest food production trends for large scale events

    Franco Luise doesn’t shy away from big jobs. As the kitchen director of the Prague Hilton, he manages a team of almost 70 chefs - and has made as many as 1500 guests happy at once with his culinary creations. His...

  • The restaurant at the end of the universe

    The World’s Best Restaurant of 2019 is about as far away from glamorous metropolitan life as you can get... but here, in the South African fishing village of Paternoster, De Wolfgat creates dimensions of flavor that big-city foodies can only dream...

  • Hidden treasures

    “I’m Pía León, from Lima, Peru,” Latin America’s Best Female Chef introduces herself modestly. The blonde Peruvian doesn’t seem the type to let success go to her head. We Germans tend to think of Latin Americans as easy-going, and she certainly...

  • The dream catcher

    On the western shore of Lake Garda, the exceptional chef Riccardo Camanini turned a simple bathing beach into a first-rate culinary Mecca at the age of 42. Here's why he didn't make one cent with it for two years - and...

  • The gastro-governor

    He’s one of the most successful restaurateurs in the world, and he practically has a cult following in the US. How 70 businesses, 5,000 employees, and annual sales in the nine-figure range give Wolfgang Puck even more motivation to try new...

  • “Every day brings new inspiration”

    It's the smile that gets you. This warm smile, warm like the decor, the light, like the golden saffron soup that is now in front of you. This is how he smiles, the man who fled Albania alone when he was...

  • The Normal One – Paul Cunningham

    Two-Michelin-starred British chef Paul Cunningham is causing an uproar in Denmark with his explosively flavorful cuisine. Why the self-supporting chef doesn’t get all the hype, and what really matters when it comes to cooking.

  • Born to cook

    The Le Pressoir d’Argent opens at the Grand Hotel Bordeaux in 2015. Just four months later, it receives its first Michelin star. Sounds like your typical French success story, right? Wrong! The dream team running this kitchen is a British-Israeli duo.

  • The science of good taste

    Where do you find business partners in California? Google, sometimes. Brian Chau, a San Francisco-based food scientist, was looking for a place where he could develop new formulas in peace; Dan Mills was dreaming of opening a maker space where all...

  • Full speed ahead in Singapore

    Dennis Schacht has hit the big time in the service world. Star chef André Chiang brought him to Singapore, and now the 28-year-old is head of service at Björn Frantzén’s restaurant, Zén.

  • Changing the game

    Brought up with food at the centre of family life, Asma Khan’s London restaurant serves up home-style Indian cooking that has customers queuing. A trained lawyer, she discusses how she’s also working on ways to improve the way women are treated,...

  • Ghetto Gastro: Soul food with a side of politics

    Nothing’s more American than apple pie - until you draw a chalk outline on the plate and turn it into a political statement. The deconstructed dessert and Black Lives Matter commentary is the product of Ghetto Gastro, a culinary collective that’s...

  • The boss in Portugal

    Top chef and global player: Two-Michelin-star-holder José Avillez has revolutionized Portuguese cuisine, and his unparalleled restaurant empire now encompasses an unbelievable 18 locations.

  • The world is an adventure playground

    Most of the time, René Linke is the creative head and managing director of his own catering company. Weddings, anniversaries, company events with lobster, champagne and beef fillet are among his specialities. But six weeks a year Linke leads a second...

  • Eggslut: How one simple ingredient proved the key to success

    A little mashed potato, an egg, chives, and salt. Sounds like the humblest of all leftovers, but one breakfast fan on America’s West Coast has made it The Next Big Thing. Eggslut, Alvin Cailan’s frivolous-in-name-only casual dining concept, has become a...

  • Bee Satongun: Queen of the East

    Thai chef Bee Satongun of the Michelin-starred Paste in Bangkok dishes up meals fit for royalty at Hangar-7, opening up new horizons for European diners - and not just in the culinary sense.

  • The heart of the hotel

    Gastronomy is front and center at Roomers Munich. The clever mind behind their diverse concepts is Executive Chef Matthias Stuber.

  • Simon Collar – The chef and his army

    They're young, they're ambitious, they know the sky's the limit. The Guerilla Chefs are a group united by a common attitude and a common goal: To bring creativity, fun, and appreciation back to everyday kitchen life. We asked Simon Kolar,...

  • Cook for your life! Masterchef Shipra Khanna’s path to freedom through the kitchen

    The clock is slowly ticking down. Two minutes left, and nowhere near all 100 dishes are ready. A young woman and her rival are whirling through a tiny show kitchen, as chaos rages all around them. The overambitious moderators shout words...

  • Anthony Sarpong – The Balancer

    Anthony Sarpong is always good for a surprise or two. The 37-year-old Ghanaian-born chef has a reputation for being a culinary Girl Friday - a spectacular chef with a host of other talents. The restaurant he runs in Meerbusch, North Rhine-Westphalia,...

  • The taste of the future

    The Compass Group is the world’s largest catering corporation, with around 14,500 employees in Germany alone. Besides having its own food-service concept emphasizing company cafeterias, Compass also implements customer ideas both within and outside the gastronomy sector.

  • Leisurely gardener, passionate chef: Mauro Colagreco

    Mauro Colagreco, an Argentinian chef with Italian roots in France, is living his best life. His restaurant, Mirazur, and its gardens are perched atop a jagged cliff in Menton, a Côte d’Azur village famous for its lemons.

  • On top of the world

    Up on the High Alpine Road in Hochgurgl, Austria, Basilius Praxmarer runs Top Mountain Crosspoint, a combination restaurant, toll station, motorcycle museum, and alpine train station. He and his team feed over 1,000 customers per day.

  • Firedancer

    Burning ideas. Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt is singlehandedly creating a countertrend to modern cuisine, wowing diners with near-forgotten techniques and food that’s... hot like fire.

  • Rice, rice, baby

    Many know it as the warm drink from their local running sushi restaurant: Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan have reinvented the traditional Japanese sake in their Brooklyn Kura restaurant in New York – Made in America.

  • The king of fusion

    France meets Southeast Asia: Julien Royer was a guest chef at Hangar-7 – and celebrated the best of two worlds with the congenial Ikarus team.

  • Shani and the City

    And for his next trick: star Israeli chef is bringing his trendy Miznon concept to the City that Never Sleeps.

  • Making a splash- Ángel León

    Over the last ten years he has served everything from the sea except fish: How the chef and explorer Ángel León is revolutionizing the way we eat with his 3-star restaurant Aponiente in Cádiz.

  • Its a kind of magic

    Forget about Harry Potter, because Anthony Sarpong has brought magic to the kitchen! The Ghanaian-German cook about his restaurant Anthony’s Kitchen in Meerbusch, multiculti and Netflix.

  • Food Emperor of the Middle Kingdom

    What André Chiang, beacon of gourmet Asian cuisine, thinks of Michelin stars; why chefs aren’t artists; and how Chiang’s long shadow is catapulting Taiwan’s culinary scene into the future.

  • Cooking unplugged at full power: Christoph Brand

    Do you love music? Then you’re right on the nose with the flying cook Christoph Brand. Because the native of Hesse stirs his cooking spoon with even more passion with perfect sound. Classic chef training paired with enormous enthusiasm for high-quality...

  • The Alchemist

    Thomas A. Vilgis is a professor of theoretical physics at the Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research. He is also an avid hobby cook and an award-winning cookbook author specializing in molecular gastronomy. He advises top chefs on creating new dishes.

  • Flavors of destiny

    Star chef Mauro Colagreco has been making huge culinary waves on the Côte d’Azur since 2006. His restaurant, Mirazur, breaks down borders to rewrite the book on Mediterranean cuisine. Destiny obviously had a hand in Mauro Colagreco’s career. His story almost...

  • Creative, more creative, most creative: Lukas Mraz

    Right now, Lukas Mraz’s official title is son. Specifically, he is a “son” in Mraz and Son, the Michelin-starred family restaurant he joined his father Markus at in 2017.

  • Out-standing steak

    Standing is the new sitting, if these Japanese idea exporters have anything to say about it. Read on to find out how Ikinari has New York rising to its feet.

  • Killer from Manila

    From dishwasher to top chef: how shooting star and part-time ninja Bruce Ricketts is taking the capital of the Philippines by storm with his Japanese fusion food.

  • Gordon Ramsay’s ex

    In 2017, Great Britain’s Queen of Cuisine stepped out of Gordon Ramsay’s shadow. Why Clare Smyth decided to go solo on her London restaurant, Core; the role potatoes play in her kitchen; and why horses nearly derailed her career.

  • Star collector & kitchen revolutionary: Tim Raue

    In Germany’s culinary high society, the best example of a career that defines all expectations is probably Tim Raue’s. Raue grew up on the mean streets of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, and his youth was more about throwing down than dishing up—...

  • My name is Albert Adrià

    In 2013, Albert Adrià was considered one of the most underrated chefs in the world. As the visionary behind elBulli, once considered the world's greatest restaurant, his older brother, Ferran Adrià, cast a long shadow. How - Albert is giving their...

  • You’re the wurst!

    An American classic is getting a makeover in Berlin: Björn Swanson’s THE DAWG is taking hot dogs to new culinary heights.

  • Kimbal Musk: Geek chef

    How microchips are revolutionizing American cuisine. When most people hear the name “Musk”, they think of Elon, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. Kimbal Musk is involved in his brother’s businesses, and has a similar penchant for all things digital, but he...

  • Ryan Clift: Massive Respect

    A creative force of nature in the kitchen: Ryan Clift, mastermind and head chef at Singapore's Tippling Club, combines genius and madness more skillfully than anyone else around.

  • Off-Road Cooking

    Chef is more than a career—it’s almost like a personal brand. Chefs are food experts, organizational geniuses, artists, and revolutionaries, all rolled into one. When everyone else has gone home for the day, they’re hitting their stride, adrenalin coursing through their...

  • Face off

    What’s it like to eat inside a giant weaving loom? Better than any place else, at least if you're in the mood for Nikkei cuisine, which Albert Adrià and Peruvian chef Jorge Muñoz have created a European home for in Barcelona.

  • The new incan gold – Peruvian cuisine: from blue corn to jungle fish

    Peruvian food? Isn’t that just guinea pig and ceviche? Well, those, too. But there’s a lot more to it than that... which is why Peruvian fare has become such a big thing in the culinary world. Peruvian restaurants are popping up...

  • Hendrik Otto – no mediocrity

    The truth lies somewhere in the middle. That’s the maxim Hendrik Otto cooks by at the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer—and the results are proof that balance has nothing to do with mediocrity.

  • The perfectionist: André Chiang

    Two Michelin stars, a spot on the "The World’s 50 Best Restaurants" list, Countless other international awards... and now chef André Chiang can add the Diner’s Club Lifetime Achievement Award to his ever-growing resume.

  • From nose to tail: Going whole hog

    From nose to tail: a chef with a sense of responsibility is the best thing that can ever happen to a pig. Plus: this little piggy went to market...

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