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Eatrenalin at Europa-Park: Experience food in a way you never did before

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Ground-breaking new restaurant concept Eatrenalin, located at Europa-Park in Germany, promises “the most exciting gastronomic experience in the world”.

A restaurant revolution, which brings together fine dining and fantasy experience, Eatrenalin is the dining concept which aims to “put your senses into uproar”. Sensation-seeking diners can experience a total taste, scent, physical and audio-visual journey which navigates space, time and 11 different rooms, all from Eatrenalin’s patented “floating chair”.

The restaurant is found within Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, and was dreamt up by Europa-Park managing partner Thomas Mack and Marché International CEO Oliver Altherr, with the future of dining in mind. “The guest of the future wants to be offered more than a table, a chair and several dishes,” Mack told HOGAPAGE hospitality magazine. “In the future, a visit to a restaurant must be a sensory journey that appeals to all levels of perception.”

Exterior view Eatrenalin

Image: Eatrenalin

The rise of experience dining

Experience dining, which goes beyond ‘traditional’ dining to offer customers a unique experience, has topped food trend forecasts for the last several years. Back in 2015, global event management and ticketing website Eventbrite reported that 75% of diners believed it is worth paying more money for a unique dining experience, and the popularity of experience dining shows no signs of slowing down. From ‘dining in the dark’ restaurants like Dans le Noir to Karen’s Diner, where customers can enjoy “rude staff and great burgers”, innovative restaurants are finding new ways to stand out from the crowd.


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Advanced technology is inspiring more creativity than ever. London’s oriental fusion restaurant Inamo is known for its interactive tabletop projections, and The Alchemist bar and restaurant has developed “augmented reality cocktails” which can be experienced from your phone. As virtual and augmented reality become commonplace in industries as diverse as medicine, aerospace and defence, and social media company Meta rolls out its virtual Metaverse, dining concepts will continue to explore their high-tech potential.

On the menu

Eatrenalin diners can look forward to an “unprecedented form of complete indulgence”, where the multi-sensory culinary experience is based on innovative fine dining.

The eight-course menu is comprised of “unusual and exquisite delicacies”, designed to surprise and amaze. Customers can choose between the Red Dimensions menu, which features ingredients such as beef tenderloin, sashimi and caviar, and the vegan Green Dimensions menu, which showcases tofu, shiso and dashi. Dessert celebrates white chocolate, Chambord and tahiti-vanilla or cashew, and is presented by head pâtissier Juliana Clementz. Where possible, the menu champions regional, seasonal, and organic products.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Eatrenalin (@eatrenalin)

The experience and the food is accompanied by optional drinks pairings. For the base rate of 195 euros per guest, diners can choose between an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks selection or pay an extra 100 euros for the ‘exclusive’ drinks selection. The Champagne Dinner, available from 3 December 2022 for 445 euros per diner, features exclusive champagne pairings selected in cooperation with Laurent-Perrier’s Michel Fauconnet. At the Sommelier Dinner, costing 645 euros and available exclusively on request for groups of 12 or more, experienced sommelier Marco Gerlach serves hand-picked rare wines to match each course and room.

Eatrenalin waiter serving guests an eight-course menu for all senses

Image: Eatrenalin

A gastronomic adventure: experiencing food in an entirely way

Diners are advised to plan around three hours for their Eatrenalin experience. The guided journey itself lasts over 100 minutes, beginning in the Lounge, where diners have their first aperitif, and culminating at the Eatrenalin bar. Here, customers can add a 50-euro cocktail package or 140-euro champagne package as they gradually re-enter reality as we know it.

Throughout the journey, the diner is seated in a “floating chair”, which moves between 11 different rooms, each designed to represent a multimedia fantasy world: Waterfall, Discovery, Ocean, Taste, Umami, Universe and Incarnation. LED light projections and acoustic terrain in each room aim to conjure a “new incarnation of enjoyment” which captures all the senses.

Each world is artfully married with the course being served. Waterfall is designed to “cleanse your senses with a refreshing ritual”, offering flavours of smoke, hazelnut and nori or Granny Smith, shiso and macadamia. Discovery aims to capture “magical revelation”, with flavors of tiger milk and Szechuan pepper blossom, while Taste confronts the diner with sweet, sour, bitter and salty, and Ocean incorporates seafood, plankton and Champagne or seaweed, ginger dashi and plankton.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Eatrenalin (@eatrenalin)

For diners wishing to experience fine-dining that goes beyond the traditional and enters the fantastical, Eatrenalin can be found opposite Rulantica water world and next door to the four-star Kronasar museum hotel and YULLBE virtual reality experience center at Europa-Park in Germany. Mack and Altherr offer a showcase of what can be done when technology and food interact, leading the way for a new definition of the dining experience.

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