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No Limits – for vegan TV chef Matt Pritchard

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A life without borders: Skateboarder, stuntman and vegan TV chef. Matt Pritchard makes a appeal to the industry: “Get more interested in the plant-based lifestyle, because it’s the future!”

In the early 2000s, Matt Pritchard became famous thanks to the MTV show “Dirty Sanchez“, a program with hair-raising stunts. For the endurance athlete and skateboarder, this was followed by the BBC’s first vegan cooking show and two vegan cookbooks.

How did the brilliant Brit get into cooking?


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“Because my mother instilled in me a love of cooking, I decided to train in the restaurant business. Right after graduating from school, I switched to Colchester Catering College in Cardiff.” Even though his career path then took him in a different direction, fitness and endurance sports brought him back to the kitchen.

During intensive online research on the nutrition of triathletes, I was surprised to find that many of them are vegans.<span class="su-quote-cite">Matt Pritchard </span>

Veganism is more than just compromise

The documentary “Cowspiracy – the secret to sustainability” opened his eyes. “I didn’t realize that veganism meant more than foregoing meat and dairy products. I was not aware how much harm we are doing to our planet by breeding and raising animals en masse to eat. I have always loved animals. In fact, many animals are actually more likable to me than humans. And yet I ate them?” Describing himself as a “simpleton,” he simply doesn’t understand the difference between refusing to eat a dog but then eating a pig, a cow, or a lamb.

vegan pot with onions, tomatos and beans

Animal welfare – The Brit does not differentiate between animals such as dogs and chickens. Every living creature should be treated and respected equally.
Image: Jamie Orlando Smith

Since that time, the vegan chef has been educating people about the possibilities and trying to bring a sustainable lifestyle to the masses, Pritchard explains.

We need to understand that we have had the wrong diet for far too long. Milk, for example, is not food for humans. It causes allergies and digestive problems and makes the blood fatty.<span class="su-quote-cite">Matt Pritchard </span>

Focus on vegan concepts in gastronomy

Matt Pritchard - vegan british TV chef

No regrets – Even though he screwed up a lot, Matt Pritchard doesn’t want to regret any of his mistakes.
Image: Dan Bently

The self-confessed vegan appeals to his colleagues. “In the gastronomy world, we need to focus more on vegan concepts. This is true whether we’re talking about street food, takeaway or a high-end restaurant.” The busy Brit still has much to do in the future. However, opening his own restaurant is not part of the plan. “It would be great, but it would take over all the hours of the day and I simply don’t have enough time. When I do something, I always give 100%. Quality is the most important factor, and I can only get this right if I really lose myself in something.”

Plant-based products make it easier to transition to a vegan lifestyle, which will soon be, or should be, inevitable.<span class="su-quote-cite">MATT PRITCHARD Vegan Chef </span>

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