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  • Food ManagementResi ReinerJuly 18, 2024
    From espuma to sous-vide cooking – these cooking techniques are essential

    What distinguishes amateur cooks from professional chefs? Usually not just the ingredients or the recipe, but the craft itself. And, of course, the different preparation methods and cooking techniques used in fine cuisine. Some of them will even be familiar to...

  • Food ManagementLucas PalmJuly 11, 2024
    Hot food in supermarkets: More guests, more profit

    Hot food in supermarkets or shops is now the norm in countries such as Japan or the USA. But what’s behind this trend? What does this entail, and what do Irish gas stations have to do with it?

  • Food PeopleJenni KoutniJuly 6, 2024
    Chocolatiers on trend: Why the world of chocolate is changing

    Just in time for World Chocolate Day on July 7, we're following chocolate from its origins to future trends and letting the most creative creations of chocolatiers melt in our mouths.

  • Food ManagementHannes KropikJune 28, 2024
    Everything you need to know about a successful franchise concept

    Franchise chains are regarded as a real guarantee of success, especially in the gastronomy sector. Those who manage to structure their concept as transparently as possible and document their know-how without gaps can expand nearly without limits, they say. However, independence...

  • Food ManagementKim KopackaJune 20, 2024
    From the kitchen to the stage: The world’s best chefs compete in these chef competitions

    Stage instead of kitchen. Cooking in front of thousands of people. You're judged by a top-class jury. Whoever takes part in a cooking competition needs nerves of steel. After all, in the end you're not only serving up a little masterpiece,...

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaJune 11, 2024
    Food Trends 2025 – This is how we will eat in the future

    What can the Food Trends 2025 do? How do they influence each other? And what opportunities does this open up for the gastronomy and food industry? Trend researcher Hanni Rützler provides exciting answers and solutions to problems that concern us all...

  • Food PeopleResi ReinerMay 29, 2024
    These are the 20 Best Chefs of Instagram 2024

    Food is as much a part of social networks as hashtags and filters. It doesn't always have to be the typical influencers who surprise us with culinary highlights on their social media feed. Whether it’s chef influencers or Michelin-winning star chefs:...

  • Food ManagementKim KopackaApril 23, 2024
    We see the future in green: How sustainable is your professional kitchen?

    As everyone knows, you eat with your eyes first. However, more is at stake here because what ends up on our plates today will also have an impact on tomorrow's generation. That’s why there’s no way around sustainability in the gastronomy...

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaApril 19, 2024
    Hybrid food: how croissant donuts and sushi burritos are changing gastronomy

    The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious: Two culinary products are merged to become a completely new food creation. Hybrid food is a trend that pushes boundaries and creates unique culinary experiences. Who came up with the...

  • Food ManagementLucas PalmApril 12, 2024
    Hygiene with added value: What is HACCP and how is it best implemented?

    For many, HACCP sounds like something of a nuisance – but the new technological achievements in particular show that The hygiene concept, which has such a cumbersome name, can add considerable value to businesses in the gastronomy sector.

  • Food TechKTCHNREBEL Editorial TeamFebruary 28, 2024
    The microwave re-invented: See what the new iHexagon from RATIONAL can do

    In the KTCHNrebel interview, the Executive Board Member for Marketing and Sales and the RATIONAL Head of Development discuss the challenge of microwaves for professional kitchens. Food prepared quickly can't taste good?

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaNovember 10, 2023
    Food trend zero waste – on the plate instead of in the bin

    Restaurant owners and businesses are developing exciting concepts to reduce food waste and garbage. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the zero waste food trend, says trend researcher Hanni Rützler.

  • Food TechAlexandra GorscheNovember 3, 2023
    Artificial Intelligence – Potential and challenges in the professional kitchen

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has lately been gaining a lot of traction in the hospitality industry. On the one hand, hoteliers and restaurateurs can offer an improved customer experience, partially automate processes and reduce costs. On the other hand, it can also...

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaOctober 25, 2023
    Regenerative food – a solution for climate change?

    Regenerative food is the latest food trend in the current Food Report 2024. It is perhaps also the most promising – including for the gastronomy industry. The focus here is not primarily on food, but rather on arable soils.

  • Food TechAlexandra GorscheOctober 20, 2023
    Is the might of artificial intelligence also bringing a revolution to the hospitality industry?

    Traffic forecasts, personalized advertising, movie recommendations on Netflix – many people do not realize that artificial intelligence already permeates almost every aspect of our lives. However, since the hype surrounding Chat GPT lately, people are becoming increasingly aware of the topic....

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaOctober 18, 2023
    Female connoisseurs: Sustainable and female – the taste of the future

    For a long time, food service was a male-dominated industry. However, an increasing number of women are now fighting for their (well-deserved) place in gourmet kitchens, founding innovative start-ups or making a name for themselves as bartenders. But where is this...

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaOctober 12, 2023
    Local exotics: The goods are closer than you think

    Behind the local exotics food trend are experimental farmers and start-ups who are growing and cultivating exotic food in places you don't expect. Climate change is making it possible – but also necessary. In the meantime, this food trend is gaining...

  • Food TechLucas PalmSeptember 29, 2023
    How artificial intelligence reduces food waste in the foodservice industry

    Far too much food in the gastronomy industry still ends up in the trash. How artificial intelligence (AI) can drastically reduce food waste in the gastronomy industry - and thus also make money while saving the climate.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta PictonSeptember 19, 2023
    Navigating allergens and dietary restrictions: tips for success in your restaurant

    With legislation on food allergies tightening up around the world, what can hospitality businesses do to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction?

  • Food ManagementLucas PalmSeptember 12, 2023
    Supermarket gastronomy: A serious threat to restaurants?

    Supermarkets are increasingly relying on gastronomy, especially in the USA. The aim is to turn shopping into an experience and an enjoyable way to pass the time. But how exactly? Last but not least, is this a threat to the restaurant...

  • Food ManagementLucas PalmAugust 31, 2023
    Food courts: The new gastronomy paradise

    Food courts are winning the hearts and palates of foodies all over the world. Why this phenomenon is expected to have a glorious future – and why overload is the ultimate appetizer.

  • Food TrendsLucas PalmAugust 16, 2023
    Is high-end convenience the recipe for the future success of gastronomy?

    Lots of time, lots of onion: Gaurav Bajaj and Kiran Mazumdar believe they have found the formula for success for high-end convenience. Why this is immensely important for the future of gastronomy – and why it doesn't need flavor enhancers, preservatives,...

  • Food TrendsKim KopackaAugust 1, 2023
    Food trends 2024: To know today what we will eat tomorrow

    Hanni Rützler’s “Food Report 2024” is here and is leading restaurants into the future with the food trends for 2024. This means, among other things, less meat on the plates, and more women in the food and beverage industry. Like last year,...

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm & Stephen DuttonJune 13, 2023
    This is the future of dining in 2073

    It's not a peek into a crystal ball, but rather a promising scenario for the future based on data, data, data. This is what the future of gastronomy might look like in 2073, according to Euromonitor. Spoiler: Megatrends ahead!

  • Food ManagementAstrid Filzek-SchwabMay 24, 2023
    Keyword: e-fueling station – what about the gastronomic options?

    What is the current situation with regard to the supply of and from e-fueling stations worldwide? Are e-charging and gastronomy a good combination? Filling station operators, fast-charging infrastructure providers and even car manufacturers have new ideas and concepts. The range extends...

  • Food ManagementJuliet Martin - FCSIApril 13, 2023
    6 Steps to stop energy waste in professional kitchens

    Up to 70 % of energy is wasted in commercial kitchens. KTCHNrebel present six strategies, from equipment choice to menu design, to stop energy waste, reduce costs, and help protect the planet.

  • UncategorizedKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamMarch 21, 2023
    Explore KTCHNrebel in Spanish!

    Today we could finally cut our "launch cake"!

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIMarch 16, 2023
    Is dynamic pricing in foodservice the cure to tough times?

    Restaurants and operators in the foodservice sector are dealing with significant economic challenges. Introducing a demand-based approach to menu pricing may be the solution. An expert talk with pricing expert Torsten Olderog.

  • Food ManagementJim Banks - FCSIFebruary 16, 2023
    New concepts in foodservice: Sustainability surges back to the top of the agenda

    With the pandemic seemingly behind us, the foodservice sector is ready to embrace a boom in social dining and once again get to grips with its impact on the environment. KTCHNrebel looks at the most recent data from Euromonitor International to...

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIFebruary 6, 2023
    Training in the foodservice industry: why it is important and how to integrate it throughout the winter

    Due to the problematic lack of skilled workers in most commercial kitchens, regular training for employees is an inevitable task for restaurateurs. Here are some tips for how hospitality businesses can continue to integrate training, even during the busy and challenging...

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSIFebruary 2, 2023
    TiNDLE – changing minds with vegan chicken

    Borna Bayat, vice president of European marketing for TiNDLE, speaks with Tina Nielsen about the evolution of the plant-based vegan chicken alternative.

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIFebruary 1, 2023
    The metaverse: pipedream or a practical foodservice platform?

    With a massive surge in technology and the rise of the virtual world it can be tricky to decipher which applications will stick around to make life easier for foodservice. Any depiction of the not-too-distant future on film of TV will...

  • Food TrendsJuliet Martin - FCSIJanuary 24, 2023
    A plant-powered start into the new year: The rise of Veganuary

    Having inspired more than a million participants over nearly 10 years, Veganuary offers consumers and operators alike the opportunity to try out meat-free in the new year.

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIJanuary 10, 2023
    Q&A: Forecast for foodservice in 2023

    An expert in spotting trends and forecasting in the foodservice sector, trendologist Mike Kostyo reviews the past 12 months while looking ahead to the new year 2023.

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerDecember 14, 2022
    These are the Food Trends 2023

    The world of food is accelerating, and restaurateurs, retailers and manufacturers need to make sure they don't lose touch. Good thing Hanni Rützler has now published the latest Food Report 2023. For the tenth time in a row, the renowned food...

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamDecember 2, 2022
    The Maillard reaction – When cooking becomes a science.

    The chef places a raw piece of beef in the cooking system, lets it cook for a couple of minutes with the right program and out comes a perfectly browned steak with an appetizing grill pattern – all thanks to the...

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton, FCSINovember 22, 2022
    Hospitality: Rising energy prices force actions

    Hospitality businesses are looking at ways to keep energy costs low as Europe faces hikes in energy bills

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerNovember 22, 2022
    BettaF!sh: The tuna fish rescuers

    He likes seaweed. Back when he was still studying resource management, Jacob von Manteuffel made a documentary about marine algae pioneers who were exploring cultivation and breeding options in Europe and Asia for environmentally friendly marine plants that do not need...

  • Food ManagementAstrid Filzek-SchwabNovember 16, 2022
    This is how you organize modern day kitchen routines!

    What are the basic requirements for efficient kitchen organization? How can you overcome obstacles in your day-to-day work? How does digitalization help me in the kitchen? How do I work efficiently and sustainably?

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSINovember 7, 2022
    The cultured meat market goes on safari

    A New York start-up is promising to bring wild and exotic tastes to the table without harming any animals or the environment.

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIOctober 19, 2022
    Visionaries of the foodservice future: forward-looking and future facing experts

    For the ninth TrendTalk live webinar the topic of visionaries of the future brought together compelling speakers and the chance for participants to ask questions and learn some lasting lessons.

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerSeptember 6, 2022
    Bowl experience: Successfully putting 2023 food trends into effect with bowls

    For guests, bowls are a guaranteed delight. For restaurateurs, they offer unmatched opportunities to position themselves as both trend-driven as well as unique. The amount of work is minimal – even with recipe ideas from a star chef!

  • Food TechElsie Clark - FCSISeptember 2, 2022
    Practical robotics and the future of foodservice

    The benefits of using robotics in commercial kitchens for certain tasks are becoming clearer and its usage more widespread, but is there a limit to its practical implementation?

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamAugust 30, 2022
    French fries – the science behind perfectly crispy fries

    Who doesn't know it, that distinctive smell that tickles our nostrils and lures us into a restaurant, snack bar or kitchen? A dish whose golden brown color is pleasing to both our eyes and palates. When you take a bite and...

  • Food TrendsHannes Kropik - RollingPinAugust 17, 2022
    How the future tastes – proteins do not always have to be animal

    The title of Heinz Strunk's cult novel "Fleisch ist mein Gemüse" (Meat is my Vegetable) will soon be turned on its head. Meat substitutes from alternative vegan protein sources have long since begun to overtake animal protein.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIJuly 21, 2022
    Managing costs for foodservice businesses in times of increasing prices

    With pressures on costs due to rising food costs, energy price increases and labor shortages the margin for operators is being squeezed. We ponder the different tactics and tools hospitality businesses can take to remain viable in challenging times.

  • Food PeopleJuliet Martin - FCSIJuly 4, 2022
    Meet eight self-made foodservice millionaires

    Success in the restaurant business is notoriously challenging, but that’s not to say that it’s out of reach. These eight entrepreneurs have turned their passion – and our appetites – into some of the world’s most successful foodservice businesses. Here’s what...

  • Food TechElly EarlsJune 10, 2022
    The potential of IoT in the foodservice sector

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge potential to transform the foodservice sector. Elly Earls finds out how.

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamMay 20, 2022
    This is Umami – The unknown fifth taste

    If you ask people on the street what tastes they know, most will be able to name four immediately: Sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The fifth, however, umami will name only the fewest and / or also know. But what does...

  • Food ManagementBirgit KiddMay 6, 2022
    Six tips how to beat skilled staff shortage in your kitchen

    It’ll all be okay... but how? Contrary to what you might think from the atmosphere in the culinary world, the industry isn’t actually on the brink of an apocalypse. We need to get past the myth that it’s all miserable cooks, waiters,...

  • Food TechNicola Afchar-Negad - Falstaff PROFIApril 22, 2022
    The new reality

    Metaverse, augmented and virtual reality – when will the long-predicted breakthrough finally arrive? Many factors suggest that this is the year. Where technology has already gained a foothold: KTCHNrebel has the insight.

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxJanuary 25, 2022
    Top six foodservice tips for 2022

    What to do in '22. The new year is here, and it's full of surprises, challenges and opportunities for the world of gastronomy. We gazed into a crystal ball and pinpointed the trends that will shape the restaurant and hospitality sector...

  • Food TrendsKatie Morris - FCSIJanuary 5, 2022
    Top ten foodservice trends for 2022

    Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, to see the key trends that will dominate foodservice and hospitality

  • Food TrendsJessica BraunDecember 30, 2021
    Green gastronomy – with a green conscience

    Organic, fair trade, vegan, local – these seals are intended to increase transparency in food consumption and provide consumers with more oversight. The Greentable association also wants to establish the concept in the gastronomy industry. A look behind the scenes.

  • Food PeopleHeike LucasDecember 21, 2021
    Choice supermarkets: The reinvention of the c-store

    When Mike Forgaty opened his first convenience store in Denver, Colorado a few years ago, it was a very brave move. Although he had many years of experience in the food industry, he had never done anything with retail before. However,...

  • Food ManagementRolhat Zen-Aloush, FCSI Foodservice ConsultantDecember 14, 2021
    TrendTalk: How ghost kitchens are changing the market for the future

    The latest TrendTalk webinar from Rational focused on charting the future of the sector.

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editor TeamDecember 1, 2021
    Thank you for 3 years of loyalty!

    In the last three years, since our online magazine saw the light of the food service world, over 1.5 million readers have visited us.  We want to say:

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerNovember 12, 2021
    Great taste, less waste

    The coronavirus crisis made it abundantly clear: takeout food and its disposable containers create irresponsible amounts of trash. But alternatives are out there.

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - Gastronomieexpertin bei FCSINovember 11, 2021
    Supply and demand: fixing the world’s food supply chain

    As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, foodservice is feeling the effects of a stuttering global supply chain system causing a serious headache for restaurants

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerNovember 3, 2021
    Comfort food: how the coronavirus has supercharged the snacking trend

    Between-meal nibbles are so much more than just food. Snacks comfort us, distract us, make us happy, and feel healthier to us than big, heavy traditional meals. Though the pandemic has us all snacking with a vengeance, the trend has been...

  • Food TechStephanie Fuchs-Mayr - RollingPinOctober 11, 2021
    The workroom of the future

    Rising personnel and energy costs, a shortage of skilled workers and the pressure to improve efficiency are just three factors that are having a significant impact on professional kitchen planning and operations, both now and in the future. Large and small...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerOctober 5, 2021
    Disabilities are no disability – enjoy barrier-free

    The future lies in barrier-free services and facilities, including in the gastronomy and hotel industry. Guests with disabilities are often escorted by others and are inclined to remain loyal to successful concepts and enthusiastically recommend them within their circles and communities....

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSISeptember 28, 2021
    TrendTalk: Retail meets ghost kitchens

    Ghost kitchens, dark stores and where retail delivery converges with the biggest growth area in foodservice: the fourth TrendTalk webinar from Rational discussed the market, the opportunity and the future.

  • Food TrendsIlona MarxSeptember 27, 2021
    FoodCampus Berlin – a place for the nutrition of tomorrow

    To work. To research. To produce. In one place. In Berlin, plans are underway for an extraordinary project geared toward the food manufacturing industry as well as startups, scientists, chefs and other food industry thought leaders. The groundbreaking ceremony will take...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerAugust 31, 2021
    Meet up at the future gas station – fill it up with energy & joy

    In Germany, a quick trip to the "Tanke" (gas station) means cool snacks with a modern ambience and an attractive selection of everything you need for day-to-day life and partying 24/7. However, this appealing concept is starting to flounder.

  • Food TechSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiJune 22, 2021
    Meat substitute: not a disclaimer

    The popularity of plant-based meat substitutes continues. This constantly gives food startups new ideas that leave nothing to be desired in terms of taste. We took a closer look at five innovations.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinJune 15, 2021
    Do (not) finish me off

    The sound and not-so-young convenience production industry is finally speaking up for itself. Why they feels so at home in their potato outfit these days – and what role first true fan Louis plays.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiMay 3, 2021
    Organic Garden

    Rethinking the food cycle with Organic Garden. From the farm to the plate, everything from a single source – that's how you could sum up Organic Garden's sustainable concept.

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSIApril 22, 2021
    Seven foodservice start-ups to watch

    Innovation in foodservice remains undimmed, despite a challenging year. We pick seven of the most exciting start-ups to keep an eye on in the future.

  • Food TrendsJacquetta Picton - FCSIApril 19, 2021
    Sustained by the sea

    Providing food for the world’s growing population is a perennial problem. Is it possible to find a way to reap the harvest of the oceans today and sustain this vital resource for tomorrow?

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxApril 7, 2021
    Food and the City of the future

    "We need to leave the indoors behind, and take over informal spaces!" Jan Knikker's call for the revitalization of inner cities almost sounds as though he is aiming for some sort of guerrilla warfare.

  • Food TrendsMichael Pech - Falstaff ProfiFebruary 3, 2021
    Sharp knives, gentle care

    They are the most sacred tool of any chef and deserve to be properly cared for. How to properly keep knives clean, sharpen them to perfection and store them in the best possible way.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIJanuary 19, 2021
    First and best meal of the day

    As more people now work from home, many experiencing a commute of minutes rather than hours, what will happen to the breakfast-to-go market?

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIJanuary 12, 2021
    10 key foodservice trends in 2021

    The year 2020 was a year for the industry to forget, but a New Year brings new hope. It also brings new trends – plus, the continuation of some current ones into 2021.

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIDecember 21, 2020
    Sowing the seeds of success

    Plant-based food is proving to be a growing and lucrative profit center for operators worldwide. Alongside the future potential in lab-grown meats, the market represents an opportunity big brands can no longer keep off the menu.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIDecember 16, 2020
    Coping with the crisis

    As we near the end of 2020 and the development of three vaccines against Covid-19 gives hope to us all, we explore the inevitable changes this past year has brought to the foodservice landscape

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxDecember 7, 2020
    Japanese konbinis – the smallest service centers in the world

    Eat and shop around the clock. Japanese konbinis are much more than multifunctional service centers. In fact, they have long held cultural significance in the country, and sell a truly amazing array of food and snacks.

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIDecember 3, 2020
    Certainty in change: predicting the next decade

    ‘Sure things’ might be easier to predict when the going is good, but how impacted are long-term restaurant trends when a global crisis strikes?

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSINovember 4, 2020
    The evolving food-to-go opportunity

    With the second wave of Covid-19 already encroaching we look at what lockdown lessons can be carried forward to help businesses survive and thrive.

  • Food TechBarbara E. EulerOctober 5, 2020
    A tasteful step into the future

    These are the times. Nobody knows what it will be like tomorrow, let alone the day after tomorrow. It is futile to ask what gastronomy will look like in the next few decades, what we should get ready for and how...

  • Food ManagementLiz Cooley - FCSISeptember 21, 2020
    Cutting plastic out of the kitchen

    Leading the way in the foodservice fight against single-use plastic. Plastic. The once wonder material offering countless benefits is now increasingly vilified in the court of public opinion. And perhaps rightly so. With just 9% of all the plastic ever produced...

  • Food TrendsRomilly Leech - FCSISeptember 17, 2020
    The meat of the matter

    Carrie Chan CEO of Avant Meats discusses the science behind the most sustainable and energy efficient alternative to meat production: cultivated meat. In 2015, businesswoman Carrie Chan went vegan. Soon after, she realized that the threats to the planet posed by...

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - Rolling PinAugust 13, 2020
    The New age of food – How is convenience created?

    How is convenience created? What really matters during production? We offer an exclusive look behind the scenes in this industry, which was so forward-looking in the days of Corona, and let you know what ghost kitchens, roasting lines and meat cubers...

  • Food TrendsHeike LucasAugust 3, 2020
    A glance into the culinary crystal ball: Hanni Rützler’s Food Report

    A look back: In many ways, Hanni Rützler's Food Report is a lot like Santa Claus: you can hardly wait to see what goodies are in store for you. This year Rützler surprised us yet again by offering up a new...

  • Food ManagementLiz Cooley - FCSIJuly 24, 2020
    Stay in or take away?

    As the foodservice industry adapts in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Rational invites experts from across the industry to share their insights on how to achieve growth in the food-to-go market.

  • Food ManagementHeike LucasJune 10, 2020
    How will news be spread around the world?

    On the 5th of May RATIONAL, world market leader concerning the topic of combi-steamers, presented its latest model: the iCombi Pro. For the first time exclusively online. KTCHNrebel interviewed Michael Fink, Executive Vice President Marketing, who has been working with RATIONAL...

  • Food TechChristiane VargaJune 8, 2020
    Let’s connect! Food transparency through blockchain

    Recent food-related scandals (horse meat lasagna, anyone?) as well as increased health and ethics awareness have made many consumers realize just how little they actually know about many of the foods they eat. Now, the demand for transparency is growing -...

  • Food ManagementSarah Helmanseder - Rolling PinMarch 4, 2020
    Mayday fish in distress

    Overfished oceans, cheap fish pumped full of hormones...we can’t keep this up for much longer! The future lies in sustainable aquaculture, whose pioneers have begun showing the world the way forward.

  • Food ManagementIsabell KniefFebruary 19, 2020
    Salaries in gastronomy – an international overview

    We shouldn't talk about money. Or should we? We take a look at the current state of wages and salaries in gastronomy: How much does a chef earn during their training – and how high a salary can they expect...

  • Food PeopleHeike LucasFebruary 12, 2020
    Professional kitchens are getting smarter.

    Digitization, networking, artificial intelligence - everyone’s talking about them, and now they’re becoming a top priority in professional kitchens around the world. And that includes Rational, the Landsberg-based manufacturers specializing in thermic food preparation appliances and equipment.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerJanuary 7, 2020
    “Lifestyle and atmosphere”

    Retail gastronomy has a lot of potential – if it is done well. But what does this mean? How do I make my customer really hungry for more? Where do I find inspiration? And how can I have that little special...

  • Food TrendsThomas Lawrence - FCSIDecember 18, 2019
    20 global foodservice trends for 2020

    It’s been another rollercoaster year for the worldwide foodservice and hospitality sector. What will 2020 hold? We’ve compiled a list of the top trends to keep you in the know.

  • Food ManagementChristoph KristandlNovember 11, 2019
    Snackification: Goodbye three squares, hello mini-meals

    Our everyday lives are getting progressively more flexible and individual, at the expense of structure. Set mealtimes, which were central to our schedules for centuries, are losing their role as anchor points of our day. The era of mini-meals has arrived.

  • Food ManagementLucas Palm - Rolling PinOctober 31, 2019
    Work less pay hard!

    Work hard, play hard is on its way out. What Generation Z expects from the working world - and how companies can win their long-term loyalty.

  • Food ManagementMaida Pineda-FCSIOctober 28, 2019
    Food delivery and the lazy economy

    Outlining the current picture of the food delivery market in Asia where several players are jostling for position.

  • Food TechChristoph KristandlOctober 16, 2019
    Stop eating plastic – Time for the post-plastic age!

    It is virtually impossible to imagine our food production without plastic. These days, not only is it used for packaging, it's even part of our food. It's high time for new alternatives.

  • Food ManagementSarah Helmanseder-Rolling PinOctober 8, 2019
    Better than BEEF?

    Meat 2.0: plant-based meat alternatives like beyond meat are all the rage these days. How this trend came about, what meatless meat is really made of, and how the battle of the fake meats is signaling a food industry revolution to...

  • Food TrendsChristiane VargaSeptember 12, 2019
    Snackification: The fluid dining culture of the 21st century

    For centuries, most of Western society was structured around “three square meals a day”. John and Jane Doe of yesteryear had a relatively predictable day-to-day existence, but our increasingly mobile lifestyles and increasingly diverse family arrangements are making the rigid breakfast-lunch-dinner...

  • Food ManagementChristiane VargaAugust 14, 2019
    The “grocerant” retail revolution

    The new retail revolution is giving rise to a number of food-service concepts, which is just one more way that the once-clear correlations between locations and their functions are starting to blur. More and more hybrid locations, designed with the “to-go”...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerAugust 1, 2019
    Delightful Shopping – Retail Catering is More Than Just an Additional Treat

    An interview: with Olaf Hohmann, a member of the board of management at EHI, a scientific retail institute with around 800 members from the retail, industry, and service sectors.

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxJuly 25, 2019
    The rolling revolution

    Udelv, a San Francisco-based startup, is offering the world’s first fully autonomous delivery service. It’s a race against time, though - the big car and technology corporations are hot on their heels. There’s no telling just how much potential this field...

  • Food ManagementElly EarlsJuly 22, 2019
    Some like it hot

    Bakeries have many of the essential ingredients to serve hot dishes as well as pastries, a move that could boost customer spend in a competitive market. Elly Earls finds out whether the shift from bakery to full-service restaurant can be sustainable...

  • Food ManagementKatarina JurczokMay 6, 2019
    Future 50 Foods: The ingredients in our nutritional future

    It’s a challenge unlike any we’ve ever faced: Our use of natural resources and our intense focus on just a few foods are putting our health and our planet at risk. The Future 50 Foods report compiled by Knorr and the...

  • Food ManagementElly EarlsApril 25, 2019
    Anyone for crickets?

    Plant-based, lab-grown and insect proteins may currently be at the fringe of the protein market, but as big money continues to roll in, all signs point to them staying the course.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - Rolling PinApril 23, 2019

    Plant superstars and meat with storytelling: How food trends develop and what they say about us.

  • Food ManagementBarbara Becker & Benjamin BrouërApril 15, 2019
    WHAT’S HOT in Concepts & Food: The 2019 TREND GUIDE

    It almost seems like food these days is more about ethics than pleasure: Hip foodie lunchrooms are all about the sustainable, the nutritious, and the vegan. Getting rid of plastic straws is practically common courtesy anymore, and many places use it...

  • Food TrendsVerena LugertMarch 4, 2019
    Algorithmically delicious-How food pairing takes flavor to the next level

    Chocolate with onions? Strawberries on burgers? Bananas with wheat beer? Food pairing uses databases and molecular chemistry to create combinations that don’t seem like they’d go together, but turn out to be spectacular new taste sensations.

  • Food ManagementElly EarlJanuary 30, 2019
    Levelling up Turkish gastronomy

    Training and development center Gastronometro was founded three years ago with the goal of supporting and promoting Turkish gastronomy at home and around the world. Director Maximilian Thomae, the man behind the platform, explains what they’ve achieved so far and how...

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxJanuary 7, 2019
    Now serving: retail

    The hype is real! Wildly popular food blogs, creative new concepts everywhere you look... The restaurant industry can’t exactly complain about not getting enough attention these days. The retail industry knows it, too, and the rise of e-commerce has many retailers...

  • Food TechNadine Otto, Mirco KurreckDecember 1, 2018
    Artificial food and dairy substitutes – Comfort food from the science lab

    New York, the not-too-distant future: gray smog lingers over the streets of an overpopulated city. The world’s natural resources are practically gone; precious water and food are astronomically expensive. While the majority of the impoverished populace struggles every day to find...

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    Vision vs. reason? 10 reasons why restaurants fail

    Restaurants open, restaurants close. It’s the Circle of Life in the gastronomy world. But how come some places thrive for decades, and others fall apart after a few months? A 2005 Ohio State Univeristy study analyzed the situation in the USA,...

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    Four foodservice trends for 2019

    Technology, sustainability and convenience are set to be the foodservice buzzwords for 2019, as Elly Earls discovers.