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Double game – twins take the stars from the gastronomic heavens to Moscow

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With two Michelin stars and one Green Star, Russian brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy’s innovative Twins Garden gastronomic concept, which is housed in a light-filled location high above the rooftops of Moscow, is a resounding success. KTCHNrebel met up with the famous twins.

Russian star chef twins Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy

Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy | Image: TwinsGarden

The recipe for success seems simple: quality. “For the best cuisine, the best dishes, you need the best products,” explains Ivan Berezutskiy. Since these come from their own farm, quality is guaranteed. However, it has an even deeper meaning. “This way, we can also bring our childhood memories to the guests,” says Sergey, referring to the family’s southern Russian homeland. “Those were the days when we went to the garden and picked fresh fruit and vegetables and could eat them right away.”

Assurance of high quality food and dishes - beside the star restaurant Ivan and Sergey run their own farm.

Image: TwinsGarden

Active sustainability rather than hollow phrases

A restaurant with its own farm – does this also involve sustainability and the issue of zero waste? What role do these concepts play at Twins Garden? Indeed, the twins greatly value sustainable management and closely monitor all processes as well as waste consumption. However: “We don’t talk too much about sustainability and zero waste,” says Ivan Berezutskiy. “We simply do it!”

Gribi: at Twins Garden sustainability is not a buzzword it is simply put into practice.

Image: TwinsGarden

Digitalization is the future – also at Twins Garden

The restaurateurs spend a lot of time at their farm. “Our farm is a source of inspiration for new dishes at the restaurant,” explains Ivan Berezutskiy. One of many, that is. They find inspiration everywhere, says the young restaurateur. “Every day I take two hours to develop new dishes with my brother,” he says. The two have set up their own laboratory for this purpose, where they experiment with the latest technologies. “We are creative every day,” says Ivan Berezutskiy. But he also admits, “That’s not easy.” Speaking of technology, it goes without saying that Twins Garden focuses on digitalization. “Digitalization belongs to the future,” says the young gastronomic star with conviction. “It’s important because it helps people.”

The twins Ivan & Sergey standing in their lab - for them digitization is the future

Image: TwinsGarden

Beetroot beer and artichoke cola

The symbiosis of nature and science yields unique creations. Plant-based chicken legs and dry-agent plum tartar smoked on algae, beetroot beer and artichoke cola – the twins never run out of ideas. Then there is another crucial source of inspiration: Russian cuisine.

Tomat: the cuisine by Ivan & Sergey Berezutskiy is known for its creativity and innovative creations

Image: Twins Garden

The two brothers often travel around the country to discover new things on site and talk to the locals.

Rediscovering Russian cuisine

Twins Garden offers two very different menus. The vegetarian menu showcases the entire life cycle of vegetables, from their starting point out of water and seeds to the skins. The wine is also made from vegetables, mushrooms and herbs – they serve 14 different kinds, all homemade of course. In the Rediscover Russia menu, the twins present the best from their discovery tours and show off Russian cuisine in all its glory. Naturally, this one is paired with Russian wines, which were also discovered along the way.

An amazing view above the rooftops of Moscow from the star restaurant Twins garden

Image: TwinsGarden

Food from the 3D printer

In addition to the menus, Twins Garden also offers A-la-carte selections. There are snacks such as fried aubergines in Kwass with tomatoes and algae or bean “squid” from the 3D printer with cauliflower and caviar, main dishes such as quail with carrots and physalis baked on coffee or tomatoes baked in salt with smoked grapes and ricotta and desserts such as airy buckwheat cream with caramel, porcine ice cream and birch vinegar or chocolate, yellow tomatoes and pistachios. However, the printed squid made of white bean protein, which many guests say can’t be distinguished from the original, is more than just a gimmick. Guests with allergies can enjoy the taste of seafood again, as Ivan Berezutskiy explains.

Fasol creation printed by a 3-D printer and served at Twins Garden.

Image: TwinsGarden

Food is like a language

The guests in general – the twins are convinced that they are the only ones who make the offer truly complete. “The people who come to the restaurant, they are like family, like friends,”gushes Ivan Berezutskiy. “Food is like a language you speak to guests and friends. It’s important to us.”

Watch the entire video interview here:

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