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These are the 20 Best Chefs of Instagram 2022

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Instagram includes posts on almost every topic. The network is now also a treasure trove of culinary content. Whether you are an amateur chef or a Michelin-starred professional, there are countless insights behind the scenes, delicious recipes and a wealth of exciting tips & tricks on all aspects of the kitchen.

So it’s high time to take a closer look at some of the most promising Instagram chefs once again this year. But be warned, it’ll make you hungry ;)!

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Antonino Cannavacciuolo

The Italian chef, who has been in the kitchen since the tender age of eight, is followed by almost three million cooking fans. His father was also a chef, and Antonino knew early on that he wanted to pursue the same career. Today, the star lives in Piedmont with his family and explores regional cuisine without forgetting his roots in southern Italy. Born in 1975, the chef is often seen on Italian television, such as on ‘MasterChef Italia’. He also runs four businesses with Villa Crespi, Laqua Resorts, Bistrot and his online shop and has written nine books. His fans love Antonino for delicious recipes and the authentic insights into his family life.


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Osvaldo Gross

Star pâtissier Osvaldo Gross boasts 1.8 million Instagram followers. Many of his fans know the Director of Patisserie at the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía from television. Since 2008, he has been the presenter on ‘El Gourmet’, the leading channel for gastronomic content in Latin America. Osvaldo Gross was born in Argentina in 1961 and first completed a diploma in geochemistry before moving to Italy, France, Germany and the USA to train as a chef. As a teacher, he trained numerous young people in his craft and worked as chef patissier for large hotel chains. His Instagram followers don’t just follow his culinary journeys: Between delicious pastries, he can also be seen in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, giving glimpses inside the Zurich Opera House or marveling at the Northern Lights in Norway.


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Maggie Beer

The popular Australian chef has over 330,000 followers on Instagram. Among other things, Maggie Beer is known for her role as a jury member in the show ‘The Great Australian Bake Off’. The 77-year-old is also often featured on MasterChef Australia. Although she was never formally trained as a chef, Maggie Beer has had a phenomenal career. She prefers to cook and bake with organic Australian ingredients. On Instagram, she shares inspiration for simple, yet delicious cuisine that also looks really good.


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José Avillez

It is with good reason that Portuguese star chef José Avillez has almost 300,000 fans on Instagram. His good looks certainly don’t hurt, but the dishes he shares are even more attractive. And his success isn’t limited to Instagram: In 2012, just one year after opening, he won his first Michelin star for his restaurant Belcanto in the heart of Lisbon, which now has yet another star. With his Portuguese cuisine, José Avillez impresses not only at Belcanto, but at 20 locations in total. He was also one of only three Portuguese chefs to make it to the top 100 Best Chef Awards in 2021.


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Pierluigi Saffioti

This Italian chef is a sly old dog. ‘I cook in a funny way’ is on his Instagram profile, and this is reflected on every single picture. Typical Italian dishes shine here in unexpected, bright colors. The chef likes to be actively involved and often finds himself covered with color. Using fresh vegetables is particularly important to him. Pierluigi is currently cooking in Riyad.

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Carlos Gaytán

Over 200,000 people follow Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican chef to receive a Michelin star, on his elegant Instagram profile. His career began with dish washing in a hotel. With hard work and a lot of practical experience, he worked his way up and opened Mexique, a French-Mexican restaurant in Chicago. After receiving several awards, he took a break in Mexico and returned to Chicago in 2019 with Tzuco, another French-Mexican-inspired restaurant. The city is also home to the intimate restaurant Tales of Carlos Gaytán, which seats just twelve guests and offers an unmistakable tasting experience. Each of his dishes has a story to tell, which is just as exciting as Carlos’ life.


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Timothy Hollingsworth

Award-winning restaurateur Tim Hollingsworth is known for his participation in the Netflix show ‘The Final Table’ and inspires nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. Based in Los Angeles, he focuses on typical US cuisine and working with wood fires. His feed features juicy steaks and roasts, as well as lovingly arranged vegetables. He is now famous throughout L.A. with his restaurant Otium. The open kitchen allows guests to watch their dishes being prepared. Timothy lives with his family on a farm in the heart of the city and likes to show his varied day-to-day life on Instagram in addition to his cooking skills.

Tom Sellers

Tom Sellers is a real sensation in the British culinary world. He’s described as the coolest chef in London, the enfant terrible, the miracle child, and a genius. His minimalist and often futuristic dishes are fusions of different cuisines. The Brit benefited from first-class training with some of the best chefs in the world, such as Tom Aikens, Thomas Keller or René Redzepi, and has been demonstrating his expertise since 2013 in his own restaurant Story in London, which was soon awarded a Michelin star. The name says it all: According to the star chef, each dish has its own story inspired by his life or the origin of the ingredients. And this approach was a success, because Tom received a second star in 2021.


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Jason Atherton

Jason Atherton is also a Michelin-starred British chef with over 160,000 followers on Instagram. He opened the Maze restaurant together with Gordon Ramsay, where he worked as head chef until 2010. He then went on to start up on his own and appeared more and more frequently on television. The Social Company now owns 15 restaurants and bars across London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Sydney and Cebu. In 2011, his gastronomic empire began with Pollen Street Social in London’s chic Mayfair district, which was awarded a Michelin star within six months. Other restaurants in London, Shanghai, St. Moritz, New York and Dubai followed. Jason is also represented with ‘The Pig and Palm‘ in Cebu in the Philippines. The top chef has also published four cookbooks.


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Tom Aikens

Almost 130,000 Instagram fans follow English Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens. Even before his 26th birthday, Tom won two of the coveted stars for the restaurant Pied à Terre. He worked at many famous restaurants in London and Paris. Today, he runs London’s Michelin-starred ‘Muse‘ restaurant, which opened in 2020. He also runs five first-class hotel restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Tokyo and Jakarta. The English star chef can often be seen on TV shows, where he previously took part as a participant, and now as a jury member.


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Manu Buffara

The Brazilian chef inspires nearly 80,000 Instagram followers with her modern and always spectacular dishes. In 2022, she was named ‘Best Female Chef Latin America 2022’. Manu Buffara particularly celebrates the culture and cuisine of her home region Paraná in her dishes. Before her career as a chef, she studied journalism, but then decided to write stories with food instead of words. Her restaurant, Manu, is located in Curitiba and has been named number one in Latin America by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. As head chef, she uses organic ingredients from her own garden. She also works with local communities to promote social and ecological sustainability. 5,000 families are already involved in the almost 90 gardens in her project.


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Alexandre Mazzia

The Marseille-based chef was awarded the ‘One to Watch Award’ in 2022. His restaurant AM already holds three Michelin stars in a chic neighborhood of Marseilles. The restaurant serves delicious dishes in small portions, each of which is a work of art in its own right. Alexandre Mazzia especially likes to roast and smoke. His childhood memories from the Congo, where he was born, are reflected in the many spices. Unexpected combinations such as breaded crayfish with sesame seeds and bonito, a lemon and geranium seasoning and seaweed popcorn are typical for Alexandre. The former basketball player has already worked as a private head chef for one billionaire and has many stories to tell. He inspires around 64,000 followers on Instagram with his dishes.


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Mansour Memarian

German-Iranian chef Mansour Memarian completed his training in Krefeld and has now been working in gastronomy for over 20 years. During this time, he has worked at some of the world’s best restaurants. These include the restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi and Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland. He earned his first star as head chef at the Jagdhof Glashütte restaurant in Germany after just eight months. This was followed by a second star at the Pavillon restaurant in Innsbruck. As the first Iranian chef with a Michelin star, the restaurateur now works in the United Arab Emirates. Mansour is now responsible for the kitchens of the six restaurants and two bars, as well as catering for the five-star hotel, at Palazzo Versace Dubai His culinary expertise doesn’t only impress there, but also on Instagram.


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Tora Olsson

Swedish chef Tora Olsson really lives up to her Instagram handle toraflorafood: Her Instagram feed features numerous delicate dishes with beautiful flower decorations. Colorful, lovingly prepared dishes that are also incredibly attractive! The pretty Swedish chef mainly cooks vegan dishes. She wants to make plant-based eating more attractive, which is why she uses a new approach. The result is experimental cuisine with explosive taste experiences, artistic design and a touch of madness. She has a strong preference for unprocessed ingredients. Her 45,000 fans look forward to receiving recipes on Instagram and the opportunity to take part in one of her online cooking courses.


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Nils Henkel

Nils Henkel has also added German cuisine to this list of 20 best chefs on Instagram. He stands for a unique, purist cooking style and aims to promote a new German gastronomy. His dishes are particularly focused on seasonal herbs and vegetables. He plays with different textures and aromatic surprises. Fish and meat are often the focal point of the dishes, although he does not use animal protein in his flora creations. The lovingly plated dishes in extraordinary colors are a feast for the eyes and the palate. No wonder that the Gault Millau wine guide voted Nils Henkel Chef of the Year in 2009.


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Jun Tanaka

12,000 fans follow Japanese-British chef Jun Tanaka, who was born in the USA. He is known for the ‘Cooking It’ show on the British TV channel Channel 4 and for Saturday Kitchen on BBC One. He also took part in the American show ‘Chopped’, where he was named one of the three Grand Champions. At his French-inspired restaurant The Ninth in London, the top chef specializes in simple but high-quality Mediterranean cuisine with seasonal ingredients.


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J Gamboa

Around 6,000 people follow Filipino chef J Gamboa on Instagram and his fan base is growing rapidly. The culinary expert was heavily inspired by his mother. He completed his training at the Culinary Institute of America. Today, J is head chef at several restaurants in Makati in the Philippines: Cirkulo Restaurant, Milkyway Café, AzuThai and Tsukiji Japanese Restaurants. He is committed to making Philippine cuisine known all over the world. In 2007, for example, he took part in the Expo Cocina del Agua in Zaragoza, Spain. J Gamboa also regularly features as a jury member. The combination of Spanish and Philippine food is particularly close to his heart.

Jennifer Jasinski

Jennifer Jasinski is an American chef who manages several restaurants in Denver at the same time. She prefers to cook seasonally inspired Mediterranean cuisine with fresh fish, pasta dishes and regional meats. In 2013, she won the James Beard Foundation Award as ‘Best Southwest Chef’. The chef attended the Culinary Institute of America and first worked in New York City and then in Los Angeles. Since 2000, she has lived in Denver, where she quickly became head chef at the Panzano restaurant in Hotel Monaco. A few years later, she opened her own restaurant, Rioja, together with Beth Gruitch. Since then, she has run further restaurants in Denver, such as Ultreia, Bistro Vendome and Stoic & Genuine. Almost 5,000 fans follow the chef on Instagram, where she shares her own creations and private insights.


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Tomasz Łagowski

Polish chef Tomasz Łagowski works at Belvedere in the capital Warsaw. As previously at the Palace Rozalin restaurant, his culinary art is based on natural and colorful ingredients. He loves to cook with fresh, tasty meat and seasonal specialties. He always strives for perfection. His around 1,000 Instagram followers are a foretaste of a great career still to come.


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Iker Erauzkin

Iker Erauzkin is a Basque chef who began his culinary training in the kitchens of his home country. He moved to Catalonia in 2002 and has been inspired by Catalan cuisine ever since. Today, he and his wife run the avant-garde UMA restaurant in Barcelona, where he creates unique menus that resemble small works of art based on his experience spanning over 20 years. With around 780 followers, his Instagram account is still a real insider tip.


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