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Organic Garden

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Rethinking the food cycle with Organic Garden. From the farm to the plate, everything from a single source – that’s how you could sum up Organic Garden’s sustainable concept.

However, there is much more to the project. The food-tech start-up pursues a holistic approach that aims to enable environmentally friendly and resource-saving production as well as to guide us out of climate policy crisis scenarios. “We know that our actions today have an impact on the world of tomorrow,” says shareholder and nutrition ambassador of the startup, Holger Stromberg. “That’s why we’re rethinking the food cycle and bringing products to market that are energy-rich and have a green soul.”

Growing food in an environmentally friendly closed-loop system in such a way that we can supply many people with organic quality products all year round, is that possible?

Holger Stromberg | Image: Mike Meyer

Visions of the future

By the end of 2023, the first two high-tech organic farms near Munich and Ingolstadt are expected to be up and running. The first signature store will open in the Bavarian capital as early as spring 2021.

Do you know how the benchmark for living sustainability in nutrition willl look like in the future?

Organic Garden Store Munich | Image: Organic Garden

Common path

Nutrition expert and chef Holger Stromberg has been on board with the food-tech start-up since 2021. Together with CEO Martin Wild, he is pursuing a new sustainable path. Their goal is to completely transform the food market and “be the benchmark for living sustainability in nutrition.”

How does a high-tech organic farm look like?

Image: Organic Garden

Synergetic system

On the farms, working methods that have long been commonplace in the bioeconomy are combined in a green cycle and supplemented with smart technologies. This creates a synergetic system in which residual products and supposed waste are efficiently utilized. The result is high-quality, organic products that can be purchased year-round.

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