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20 Best Chefs on Instagram 2020

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Underdogs and top stars, hobby and professional gourmets: They all cavort on Instagram. Instagram connects gourmets across kitchen and country borders. This year, the gastronomic community is provided with highlights from all over the world, expanding culinary horizons and triggering food trends. The KTCHNrebel editorial team presents the top 20 of the most imaginative and coolest accounts of Instagram.

Fame or fake? The number of subscriptions is not important for the selection, but sophistication, ingenuity and aesthetic sensitivity are. In the ranking you can see which visual greeting of the kitchen we liked best and which accounts prepared the most creative content. But be careful: You shouldn’t look at these 20 Instagram accounts on an empty stomach.

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Here is our selection:


Mauro Colagreco

Best restaurant in the world” – who can call this title their own? In 2019 the Mirazur by Mauro Colagreco was voted first in the list of top 50 restaurants. On Instagram the owner and chef of the three-star restaurant shows his private side. You can take a look over his shoulder at work, see him with his family and work colleagues. Of course, the culinary delights are not to be missed: The impressions of his cooking are creative, extraordinary and colourful. No wonder that the account now has 203,000 followers.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mauro Colagreco (@maurocolagreco) am

Kimbal Musk

The cowboy hat is his trademark. But instead of riding through the Wild West, Elon Musk’s younger brother also preferred to chase culinary adventures in 2019. The American businessman and restaurant owner (Kitchen Restaurant Group) is a pioneer even without a pony: using the latest technologies, he is digitizing America’s cuisines. Caramelized cauliflower at two-star level? No problem with the “most high-tech ovens in the world”, says Musk. His Instagram account gives a taste of the gastronomic future.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kimbal Musk (@kimbalmusk) am

MasterChef Shipra Khanna

Model or MasterChef? If you come across Shipra Khanna’s Instagram account, you might mistake her for the legendary muse of a fashion designer. In her pictures, the young Indian woman is sometimes playful and vulnerable, sometimes provocative and wild. The master chef winner isn’t only cutting a fine figure in the cooking studio. In 2020 her pictures delight over 2.4 million followers. A subscription to her channel is worthwhile for die-hard fans of the self-confident TV chef, but also for fashion-conscious contemporaries.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von MasterChef Shipra Khanna (@masterchefshiprakhanna) am

Antonio Bachour

Sweet tooth, sweet mouth and dessert lovers should watch out for Antonio Bachour’s account. The American master confectioner seduces his followers with creations of hazelnut brittle, chocolate truffles or Greek yoghurt cheesecake. The danger: The recipes for his creations can be found in his cookbooks and can be recooked directly. The sweet temptations are so perfectly staged on Instagram that you can practically taste the chocolate mousse on your tongue. Caution, addictive potential!


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Antonio Bachour (@antonio.bachour) am

Karim Bourgi

French style with eastern flavours – a pâtissier and confectioner unites cultures: Born in Senegal as the son of Lebanese parents, Karim Bourgi came to France at the age of 16. He started his career at La Cigale in Beirut, and now he provides culinary oases in the desert metropolis of Dubai as head confectioner of the Al Mana Fashion Group. What is his recipe for success? Perseverance, passion and an unconditional belief in himself. Not only his students know that Bourgi always keeps his sense of humor, but also over 500,000 followers. His Instagram account offers exotic gourmet dreams, 100 percent natural ingredients and lots of funny stories.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Karim Bourgi (@karim.bourgi) am

Moran Tabib-zada

It’s almost like magic: Moran Tabib-zada shapes violins, gearwheels and human sculptures out of chocolate that look deceptively real. On Instagram, the young chocolate artist and confectioner presents sweet worlds of aromas that seduce us into dreaming. On her account, however, we won’t only see the tuiles, cakes and tarts we love her for – we can also watch the Israeli food star with the power curls at work.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Moran Tabib-zada (@molantz) am

Ricardo Chaneton

Set in a minimalist setting and colour-coordinated, the arrangements on the white plates almost look like abstract paintings. Ricardo Chaneton is co-founder and chef at the Fine Dining Restaurant Mono, provides Hong Kong with fine French cuisine and his followers with snapshots between art and culinary delights. Creations like the Brittany lobster “À la Presse” with coconut ragout, codfish tripes, crystal caviar and lobster head with jazmine tea promise more than just visual pleasure.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ricardo Chaneton (@rchaneton) am

Nusret Gökçe

Gold chain, six-pack – and around 27.7 million followers. Nusret Gökçe is not a football star or rapper, but a cook and restaurateur, and began his career as a butcher in a province in Istanbul. On Instagram he shows himself sometimes in the gym, sometimes in the mosque. Since he shot a video (on which he uses special movements to carve and salt a steak) he became an famous Internet phenomenon. His followers accompany him when he meets Cristiano Ronaldo or Naomi Campbell or when he prepares new meat dishes in his Rational combi oven. In old photos, the megastar also provides deep insights into his former life.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) am

Flynn McGarry

Flynn McGarry has been cooking since he was ten years old – with great success. The “Justin Bieber of food” opened the pop-up restaurant Eureka in Los Angeles at the age of only twelve, and at 16 he moved to New York.

Even before he is allowed to get his driver’s license, he has already built up his own business – and published his first autobiography. In the meantime, the former teenager has grown up, runs the Gem on the Lower East Side very successfully and still puts in 100 percent for his passion for cooking. His followers accompany him through his everyday life and learn about the latest creations such as a citrus salad seasoned with grilled cucumber skin and green coriander oil, roasted scallop paste and ice plant.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Flynn McGarry (@diningwithflynn) am

David Zilber

David Zilber’s job is varied and unusual, as is his Instagram account. The Canadian works at Copenhagen’s two-star restaurant Noma, which has been number one on the list of 50 Best Restaurants four times. However, he does not work there as a cook, his area of expertise is more scientific: he heads the fermentation laboratory. In addition to exciting insights into his everyday work, he also shares snapshots from his private life on Instagram. The fashion-conscious man is also active as a model in addition to his work at Noma, which is obvious from his Instagram account.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von David Chaim Jacob Zilber (@david_zilber) am

Andre Rush

He is a body-builder and cooks for the president in the White House: Andre Rush is trained in close combat as well as in the stove. The top chef and US veteran does 2,222 push-ups every day – not just to steel his muscles, but as a memorial to other Afghanistan veterans. Approximately 22 veterans in the US take their own lives every day. Rush also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. Cooking helped him to cope with his psychological problems. For his 173,000 followers, he provides a lot of inspiring content.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von ChefRush (@realchefrush) am

Simon Kolar

Simon Kolar knows how to motivate people to cook: Since his childhood his heart has been beating for gastronomy. He is an ambassador for the Institute of Culinary Art, and gathers the army of guerrilla chefs behind him. He shares a common mission with them: cooking should finally stand for creativity and fun again, radiate more sex appeal and open up new perspectives. In his posts he speaks out for tolerance, shows snapshots from his life and presents the odd titbit like the flamed Beef Tatar Surf ‘n’ Turf with goat cheese.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Simon Kolar (@simonderkoch) am

Vladimir Mukhin

Russian star chef with cult status: Vladimir Mukhin takes his guests in the White Rabbit to a culinary wonderland, he takes classic Russian cuisine into the modern age and enchants gourmets from all over the world. On Instagram the dishes seem to cry “Eat me”, much like Alice in Wonderland. For those who find the journey to Moscow’s White Rabbit too far, Instagram offers recipes for cooking the refined delicacies yourself. How about sea urchins in potato peel with tangerine, swan liver pâté as well as black bread and elk milk ice cream?


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Vladimir Mukhin (@muhinvladimir) am

Tristan Cabirol

Tristan Cabirol is not a star chef (yet), but on his Instagram account he presents numerous tempting dishes that are really something. The special: The chef from Bordeaux doesn’t only share the results of his work, he also shares the sketches for his creations. The young talent combines art on the plate with art on paper – and enchants over 14,000 followers with his imaginative compositions. You could say he has the beauty in his fingers.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tristan Cabirol (@tristan_cuisine) am

Emma Bengtsson

Nordic cuisine with success: Emma Bengtsson is one of the most successful women in top gastronomy and was the first Swedish cook to receive two Michelin stars. On her Instagram account, she presents delicious creations that are normally intended for the eyes of the guests in the Aquavit. If you follow her account, you can imagine why.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von emma bengtsson (@emma._bengtsson) am

Alex French Guy Cooking

Alex is self-taught. Where does his love of food come from? Maybe from his grandparents – after all, they were both French cooks. Full of enthusiasm, Alex throws himself into culinary adventures, tries to prepare the perfect omelette with the scientific knowledge of Jacques Pepin or learns how to cut onions faster. He experiences all kinds of crazy things and travels around the world. On YouTube, he inspires over 1.37 million subscribers with his videos. On Instagram he takes us with him through his exciting everyday life.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Alex French Guy Cooking (@frenchguycooking) am

Davin Waite

Tuna eyes for the sauce and dehydrated eel bone garnish? What sounds bizarre is what the trained sushi chef with a surfer look and a zero-waste tick puts on the plates in his restaurant in Oceanside – and with his wacky ideas he doesn’t only inspire his Californian guests but also his 25,000 followers. The videos on his channel are fun, appetizing and good humor. Pure inspiration!


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Davin Waite (@davinwaite) am

Christophe Tuloup

Keep calm and bake a cake – the students at the Sens studio love Christophe Tuloup for his cool manner: no matter what beginner’s mistake, he keeps his cool. When the master confectioner is not teaching amateurs the basics of French patisserie, he enchants guests at the star-rated Têtedoie restaurant with his seductive creations. On his account, he also inspires more than 28,000 followers for the multi-faceted world of confectionery. And quite honestly: who doesn’t go into raptures over the Piedmontese hazelnut with tangerine and Kalamansi praline?


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Christophe Tuloup (@christophe_tuloup) am

Tanya Holland

Professional cook, restaurant manager, TV star – Tanya Holland is a power woman on the road to success. If you want to experience the good-humoured chef from her private side, follow her on Instagram. The owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen not only has a talent for cooking but also a sense of humour and provides over 11,000 followers with snapshots and stories from her turbulent everyday life.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tanya Holland (@mstanyaholland) am

Lauren Wildbolz

Meat was yesterday, the Future Cuisine is vegan – at least that’s what cook Lauren Wildbolz is convinced of. On her Instagram account she proves that wedding cakes look great even without animal products. The successful book authoress, cook and Entrepreneur shows over 19.000 followers, how creative and variously vegan kitchen is. And she does so without any moral pointing fingers.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von LAUREN WILDBOLZ FUTURE CUISINE (@futurecuisine_bylaurenwildbolz) am

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