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Inside out: Biophilic design

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This type of design has long influenced architects and interior designers. Now, more and more hotels have started using their own “lite” version…

Biophilia, i.e. a “love of living things,” has long shaped the way offices and residential buildings are conceived and constructed in big cities. This influence is known as biophilic design. Gazing into green spaces, natural light and materials, direct nature (living plants) or indirect nature (pictures of plants), all of these aspects are taken into consideration. Restaurants and hotels are also embracing this concept as well, albeit primarily the indirect version.

Floral wallpapers covering large areas have been a trend for quite some time Dried flower arrangements (often dangling from the ceiling) are now becoming increasingly popular as well. In the latter case, fire protection spray is definitely a must. Stones are also popular, preferably from the region, if possible. This often complements the kitchen concept.

1. Milan Huge flowers decorate the wall in Giancarlo Morelli’s Morelli.

Interior Design for Restaurant and Hotel

Image: Design Hotels TM

2. Wine cooler made of natural stone by Stein: Werk in Oststeiermark.

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design

Image: Christian Poschner

3. Bed headboard. The Romina Birzer illustration created the “NinetyNine” world.

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design

Image: Ansgar Pudenz

4. Shanghai minimalism: Kiki Noodle Bar. Stones and murals depicting forests have a meditative effect.

Restaurant and Hotel decoration

Image: Golucci

5. Instagram darling. London’s Dalloway Terrace has seasonally evolving décor. Clever! Social media definitely approves.

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design Trends

Image: Dalloway Terrace

6. City resort. a-ja Zurich is a homage to Switzerland using simple materials.

Restaurant and Hotel Trends

Image: Christopher Tiess

7. The Ion Adventure Hotel features the horses Iceland is known for. Equally fitting: the oversized fish adorning the restaurant.

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design

Image: Ion Hotel Iceland

8. 25 hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian: The plants are inspired by the botanical gardens and orangeries found at Bavarian castles.

Inside just like it is outside: Biophilic design

Image: 25hours Hotel München Bavaria

9. Artist Rolf Sachs combined rock and stone with salt and neon. Saltz Restaurant in The Dolder Grand Hotel, well known for its art.

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design

Image: Nico Schaerer

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