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The future of the hotel industry

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Even if we sometimes feel it is only possible to plan things day-by-day, it is still intriguing to ponder what the future might hold. This is particularly true when it comes to the hotel industry, which has been hit so hard in recent times. The Gettys Group, an international hotel design and development specialist, has explored exactly this question about what the future might hold. In a new edition of the Hotel of Tomorrow project, which was founded in 2003, they brought together hundreds of professionals from a wide variety of fields to explore what the future looks like from the point of view of the Corona era.

What opportunities and challenges does the current pandemic bring for the hotel and travel industry? What will guests expect in the future and what solutions and services are feasible in the near as well as distant future? These are the questions that experts from both research and practice have thoroughly explored in this project. Five exciting future trends emerged from the multitude of ideas.

Trend 1

At the top of the list is the bed of the future. Actually, it’s much more than a bed, it’s more like a sleeping platform that monitors sleep quality and provides the perfect slumber setup and environment. In other words, it’s a lot like the gamification of sleep. Sophisticated fabrics regulate temperature and purify the air. There are programs for light, temperature and fragrances, for sound and noise suppression, for mattress adjustment and, most importantly, for monitoring and recording sleep quality. In fact, sleep is encouraged well before it actually happens. Thanks to the range of physical and meditation activities available, music and films, not to mention a great selection of food and drinks brought right to the room, guests can enter dreamland with ease.

future hotel trends 2021 corona post

Image: Dalloway Terrace

Trend 2

Being outside while inside. The idea here is to create a liberating outdoor feeling inside, for example in lobbies or meeting rooms, one which is as enjoyable as a visit to the great outdoors. This is made possible by simulating daylight, scents, sounds and air quality. The illusion is perfected by adding real or artificial plants as well as showing images and movies with surround sound. This creates a setting where people like to meet, which stimulates creativity and productivity.

Trend 3

Thanks to a self-propelled electric adventure vehicle for up to four guests, the hotel is becoming both mobile and unique. Being conveniently mobile is the motto, whether on or off the road. Permanent hotels serve as partners for room service, housekeeping and recharging batteries. Plus, thanks to artificial intelligence, operating the system is a piece of cake. You can access your digital assistant and create your own entertainment program by using voice command and touch screen over the app. With such vehicles it becomes very easy to increase bed capacities as well as to offer hotel services far beyond the borders of the permanent location. And, of course, it’s also extremely romantic!

Trend 4

Guests wear a “Journey Pebble,” which is a digital pendant that continuously sends every request and preference to the hotel. This ensures their stay is an overall satisfying experience. A reward system is a way to encourage guests to share as much information about themselves as possible. The wearable also refers to additional offers available at the hotel, which can help make additional dreams come true. When needed, the magic stone can also be used to communicate with the hotel and other guests. One great thing here is that this practical device is much less intrusive than a smartphone.

future hotel trend robots corona

Image: AdobeStock | Monopoly919

It goes without saying that any current future study about the hotel industry can’t forget to mentioning thing: service robots. These guys will be real characters in the future! Thanks to robots, it will be possible to eat and drink outside the restaurant or bar – a particularly appealing idea in the days of Corona. Small heating and cooling units will follow the guest around like a pet and provide convenient table setting on site – wherever the guest’s heart desires. Larger units where people can listen to music, play or watch a film together might also be possible. Mini drones will transmit orders to the bar robot, which will professionally mix up the drinks you want, its skills provided by a real flesh and blood bar professional. In the background you will hear the robots beeping and whistling intimately with each other. And of course, these talented fellows can also chat with the guests, in any language they prefer!

In short, these colorful visions for the future of the hotel industry offer hope for a new era and can help you hold on and persevere.

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