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What are Goa beans?

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Beans for everyone. Goa beans, also called winged beans, could easily fight hunger around the world, especially in tropical countries. This is because everything you can use every part of this bean, from the flowers and leaves to the seeds and underground tubers.

Goa-beans also grow quickly, are relatively easy to cultivate and are rich in valuable nutrients. Because of its high protein content, it has a nutritional value similar to that of soybeans. Goa beans are legumes belonging to the Papilionoideae flowering plant family. In terms of appearance and taste, they are similar to snow peas.

Origin and quality

Although it’s not clear where exactly these protein-packed green beans come from, they are thought to originate in tropical Africa. Today, the beans are cultivated in India, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, South East Asia and the Caribbean. Fresh ones are therefore imported to our part of the world are available in Asian stores. They can be kept fresh in the fridge for around two days. When buying, you need to make sure the goa beans have evenly green pods and no spots, as these are tell-tale signs of poor quality.

Goa beans as a real protein bomb in the kitchen

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How to prepare these protein-packed goodies

The green pods are mainly used in the kitchen as stir-fried vegetables. Either blanch them or place them directly in the wok for cooking. The pods are also ideal for salads. In the Thai region, goa beans are steamed or fried and paired with popular Nam Prik sauces.

Also used outside the kitchen

However, goa beans are not just popular as ingredients in cooking, they also play a significant role in the traditional medicine of Southeast Asia. For one, it is said to have a blood purifying effect. The leaves of the beans are also used to make an mixture that is said to alleviate eye injuries. The cosmetics industry has also discovered goa beans, which extracts oil from its seeds for soap production.

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