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Autumn – Vibes in the gastronomy

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Now that the days in the northern hemisphere are already getting noticeably shorter again, it is time to say welcome to autumn – also in gastronomy and professional kitchen!

The leaves are falling and some people are feeling melancholy. Summer with its fruity desserts and its cool beer in the beer garden, etc.  is over. Winter is coming.
But before that, there is autumn and we think autumn is much more than a transitional period. Check out these interesting articles around the topic of autumn & gastronomy:


Autumn is mushroom season:


Trumpet mushrooms

Image: AdobeStock | PicsArt

Mycology: the trumpet of death

At first glance, this edible mushroom is rather off-putting to laymen due to its sooty grey to black color. But this reluctance disappears once the trumpet of death mushroom hits the taste buds.

Fall treat for the palate:


Kann man Dachs oder Waschbär essen/kochen?

Image: Helmut Panger

 Game cuisine

It’s not all just venison or wild boar. After all, many other creatures live in the forest and mountains. Ever cooked up a beaver, badger or racoon? What sounds exotic today was once considered a delicacy. It’s time to start rethinking a few things.

Outdoor dining in the fall?
Well of course!

outside outdoor restaurant corona foodservice ideas Iglu glasshous

Image: AdobeStock | julie

Outside is the new in

One thing we all have to used to is that Corona is a permanent guest and the measures surrounding it are impacting and driving business – to a sometimes greater, sometimes lesser degree. However, even the strictest of lockdowns is over at some point and then it’s time to safely enjoy things outside again!

Classic autumn dish:


Goose Turkey x mas hacks restaurant duck

Image: Simon Kolar

Goose easy peasy

We used to say the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, these days it’s all about comfort food. In other words, food that is tasty, comforting and indulgent, food that evokes the past with the same tastes and flavors we once knew. This topic is particularly important these days because comfort food is all the rage with to-go orders and delivery.

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