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The Avocado Show: How to run a whole restaurant concept with this green super fruit

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You can enjoy them in a salad or as a dip, pure or seasoned, and in every case know you’re eating something really healthy. We’re talking about avocados. No wonder so many people love these green versatile wonders! Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal thought more can come of this love and therefore founded The Avocado Show in Amsterdam. The name here makes it clear that this is no ordinary restaurant. The avocado is the star here, and everything revolves around it! But wait a minute, aren’t avocados notorious for their wasteful consumption of water?

No worries. At The Avocado Show not only will your palate be spoiled, your conscience can also rest easy. Together with food supplier Nature’s Pride, Ron and Julien visited growers around the world that can deliver them sustainable and water-efficient avocados. They can be found mainly in Mexico, Chile, Peru and South Africa. “Not all avocado trees need a lot of extra water by definition,” stresses Ron Simpson. If the soil and climate are ideal, even rainwater is enough; elsewhere, sophisticated drip irrigation techniques are used. “We work hard to ensure every single avocado we use in our restaurants is sustainably grown and picked, then packed and transported via socially responsible means,” say the founders.

The Avocado Show founders

Ron and Julien / Image: The Avocado Show

Avocados in dessert

They also put a lot of thought and work into creating surprising recipes for dishes that they call Pretty Healthy Food. Poke Bowls with avocado, avocado bun burgers, where the patty is stuck between two juicy avocado halves, and avocado fries with panko crust are among the absolute favorites with guests. Some of the dishes are also available to go and for catering, which is another important aspect of the concept. And these are just a few examples from what is a truly unique range of dishes. You can have pancakes with avocado, Cajun chicken with truffle and avocado slices, stuffed avocado halves with poached egg, hummus with an avocado rose and much more. Even the desserts are made of avocado. How does vegan peanut butter avocado ice cream in a black cone sound? Only the Oreo crumble cheesecake does without the green fruit, but that’s just as well. No doubt about it, the look of a dish is part of the pleasure. Every dish is a little work of art with a very high degree of Instagrammability.

Avocado Burger and food

Avoado Burger / Image: The Avocado Show

Jungle on the wall

The hip interior of the place is also striking. Pink padded benches, neon writing and small tables create a cool, trendy diner look. A hallmark of this chic location is its lush green wall, which lends a jungle atmosphere.

The Avocado Show is also very modern and forward-thinking in other ways. For example, you can’t pay cash here. “Card payments are simply better for the environment, safety and administration,” explains Ron Simpson. This really hasn’t been a problem “We inform our guests up front in the restaurant as well as online, so they are well aware that this is the case,” says Ron Simpson. “We’re also not the only ones who are doing this. Cashless payment has really caught on and a lot of guests have gotten used to it.”

The Avocado Show coVid and the restaurant

Image: The Avocado Show

Always on the look out for a partner

The concept is a big hit. Since opening its first outlet in Amsterdam’s trendy De Pijp district in 2017, The Avocado Show has attracted interest around the world, and has opened three more locations. Besides the outlets Amsterdam – Downtown in the city’s Old Town and Amsterdam – To Go next to the popular Vondelpark, a restaurant has also been opened in the heart of Brussels. A new outlet in Madrid will be opening soon and more have been announced. This expansion of the franchising-based concept is still ongoing. “We’re always looking for likeminded partners that can help us expand our brand into cool cities around the world,” says Ron Simpson.

Apart from creating delicious avocado-based dishes and delights, the Dutch owners also offer a wide range of smart merchandising items. These include iPhone cases with an avocado print, storage containers for avocado halves, hoodies, shopping bags, avocado-shaped air mattresses and cookbooks, as well as umbrellas and a growing kit for avocado trees. “It’s a great way to extend the brand experience for our guests, so they can take home a piece of that magic,” says Simpson. “It also provides a way to expand our revenues without having to do so with drinks and food. It’s a win-win, and that’s important.”

Marketing and Merchandising for Restaurant

Image: The Avocado Show

Another line of business is frozen avocado fries for the gastronomy wholesale trade, the same ones that are also available in their restaurants. This is also a great idea. After all, avocado love is even better, when you share it!

Because health comes first at The Avocado Show, the restaurants are currently closed until further notice because of the corona crisis. However, the To Go location in Amsterdam is still open for deliveries and take out. “We believe that our “pretty healthy food” is the right choice for a good and nutritious meal, especially right now,” says Ron Simpson. “The staff has gloves, sanitizers and protective gear at hand and are of course diligent about hand washing and rigorously cleaning the restaurant for the sake of health and safety.” Here’s one last tip: “We also offer gift cards and cookbooks for purchase online, so people can support us from anywhere in the world.”

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