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  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabNovember 2, 2022
    From nose to tail: That is why an increasing number of chefs are embracing breeding

    Whether cattle, water buffalo, mangalitza pigs or poultry, many chefs are now breeding animals themselves. The motto here is from nose to tail. KTCHNrebel spoke to top chefs from Switzerland, Germany and France. A glimpse into a cooking philosophy beyond factory...

  • Food ManagementGerores Desrues - Rolling PinAugust 21, 2019
    Not trash but treasure

    Root to stem is the new nose to tail! Why vegetable leftovers are all the rage, and how the culinary elite are using them to usher in a new era.

  • Food TrendsKathrin Löffel - Rolling PinDecember 1, 2018
    Going whole hog

    From nose to tail: a chef with a sense of responsibility is the best thing that can ever happen to a pig. Plus: this little piggy went to market...

  • Food ManagementKTCHNrebel Editor TeamJune 24, 2022
    Enough is enough: 5 tips to put an end to Food Waste!

    Every year, somewhere along the road from farms to processing plants, restaurants, and households, 1.3 billion tons of food wind up in the trash rather than in our stomachs. It’s an astonishing and thought-provoking statistic — think of the valuable environmental...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerApril 27, 2022
    Wild, honest, strong: Exceptional chef Lucki Maurer and a respect for life

    Exceptional chef Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer fought his greatest battle at the beginning of his 20s. The adversary: Lymphoma, inoperable. The prognosis: bad. An item on the bucket list that got this young man through his agonizing chemo: To become celebrity chef...

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinFebruary 9, 2022
    An old school favorite with a twist: Dry aging, but with fish

    Dry Aging has always been associated with beef – but not rightly so. Pioneers such as Australian top chef Josh Niland show that the full potential of fish is also only unlocked when dry-aged. How exactly this works – and what...

  • Food PeopleSarah Helmanseder - Rolling PinJanuary 21, 2021
    Margot Henderson – Mother of food

    She swam with horses in the Hutt river, fell in love with Fergus Henderson, and opened Rochelle Canteen in an old bike shed. There, the one and only Margot Henderson has created a new home for classical british cuisine.

  • Food TrendsJohannes Stühlinger - RollingPinNovember 10, 2022
    Freshly caught seafood: Straight from the bottom of the sea to your mouth

    What was unthinkable yesterday is a hot commodity today: shellfish delivered alive and freshly caught. Norwegian fishing pioneers, high-tech and the fine palates of chefs such as René Redzepi make this possible.

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxSeptember 28, 2022
    Zero Waste: Countdown to zero

    For a long time, the Silo in Brighton was the lonely pioneer on the zero-waste restaurant scene. Now, a paradigm shift is finally on the horizon. 

  • Food TrendsSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiMay 16, 2022
    Essential oils in foodservice – What a scent!

    We know essential oils from alternative medicine, body care and ambient scenting, but we rarely find them in food and beverages. However, they are ideal for enhancing the flavor. A glimpse into aromatic cuisine.

  • Food ManagementJohannes Stühlinger - RollingPinApril 1, 2022
    ZERO WASTE: Don’t mess up!

    The importance of food has finally become clear to us during the pandemic. Suddenly, the focus is on keeping restaurant kitchens cooking in such a way that no waste is produced. This has led to some exciting Zero Waste concepts.

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxJanuary 25, 2022
    Top six foodservice tips for 2022

    What to do in '22. The new year is here, and it's full of surprises, challenges and opportunities for the world of gastronomy. We gazed into a crystal ball and pinpointed the trends that will shape the restaurant and hospitality sector...

  • Food TrendsSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiAugust 10, 2021
    Game cuisine – all about cooking beaver, badger or racoon

    It's not all just venison or wild boar. After all, many other creatures live in the forest and mountains. Ever cooked up a beaver, badger or racoon? What sounds exotic today was once considered a delicacy. It's time to start rethinking...

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamJune 7, 2021
    Best Chefs of Instagram 2021

    Haute cuisine meets snackable content: the perfect mix! It's not just in kitchens around the world that things are bubbling, simmering and sizzling away. Many international top chefs are also brandishing their virtual wooden spoons on Instagram. The result? Feeds and...

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm - Rolling PinDecember 23, 2019
    The dream catcher

    On the western shore of Lake Garda, the exceptional chef Riccardo Camanini turned a simple bathing beach into a first-rate culinary Mecca at the age of 42. Here's why he didn't make one cent with it for two years - and...

  • Food TechMaya WilsonNovember 7, 2019
    How Artificial Intelligence is tracking the Food Trends of tomorrow

    The food market used to be fairly stable and slow to change, but the Internet, social networks, and e-commerce have drastically accelerated and democratized the industry. New trends and crazes are popping up every day - how can anyone keep track...

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxApril 3, 2019
    Restaurant Silo – From Waste to Taste

    Douglas McMaster: brilliant, uncompromising, uses a lot of superlatives. Also, kind of a rock star. His first restaurant, Silo, which opened in Brighton in 2014, takes the “zero waste” idea to new heights. Since September 2017, the 31-year-old British chef has...

  • Food PeopleJulia AltmeyerJanuary 24, 2019
    Creative, more creative, most creative: Lukas Mraz

    Right now, Lukas Mraz’s official title is son. Specifically, he is a “son” in Mraz and Son, the Michelin-starred family restaurant he joined his father Markus at in 2017.

  • Food PeopleDaniela Almer - Rolling PinDecember 1, 2018
    Massive Respect

    A creative force of nature in the kitchen: Ryan Clift, mastermind and head chef at Singapore's Tippling Club, combines genius and madness more skillfully than anyone else around.